4-H donation made

According to the national 4-H mission, the group is dedicated to the goal of preparing young people for making positive impacts in their communities. A group of local 4-H kids, known as the Happy Campers, recently proved their dedication to this mission by helping improve conditions for local homeless individuals.

Their assistance came in the form of a donation to a local non-profit, The Broken Need Healing, which is dedicated to bettering the lives of those who have nothing.

The young leaders of tomorrow sat with the organization, listened to testimonies, and were moved.

A donation was made from leftover funding the program had in 2015.

“We had extra funds in our account, and our 4-H likes to end the year on zero,” 4-H Coordinator Melissa Cron explained. “Usually, in years past, we would take our kids to a movie and get them snacks. This year, we decided to donate the money to help the homeless. So, we donated all of the leftover funds from our year to The Broken Need Healing.”

Cron stated that her 4-H students enjoyed speaking with the members of The Broken Need a Healing and were grateful to help the mission grow.

“They pretty much go out and find the homeless. They go under the bridges. They are not a shelter. They give clothes and food,” Cron said. “These people help the homeless try to get on their feet and make sure they have their needs met.”

According to Cron, the members of the organization also help the area homeless get to a church on Sundays.

Cron’s 4-H students were so heavily impacted by the group’s testimonies, that they also donated additional supplies to help those living on the streets.

“It was heartwarming,” Cron said. “The students asked questions, and they made it kid-friendly, because many of her stories can get pretty brutal.”

The funding donated by Cron’s 4-H will help homeless individuals find shelter for one cold night.

“This is something new they are doing. If you’ve been in the homeless shelter for 30 days, you cannot go back for another 180 days,” Cron explained. “When it gets severely cold, there often isn’t a place to go. The group has coordinated with a local hotel, I believe it was the Four Keys, and they will be able to give vouchers to the homeless to stay for one night.”

Cron said that the vouchers will be used in emergency situations only.

“The Broken Need Healing really needs more funding to get these vouchers for these rooms,” Cron said. “The goal is to have 10 single rooms and five larger rooms before the harsh cold sets in.”

Someone with The Broken Need Healing may be reached by phone 740-464-8399.

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Submitted photo Happy Campers and adult volunteers
http://portsmouth-dailytimes.aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/28/2015/12/web1_image1-1.jpgSubmitted photo Happy Campers and adult volunteers

By Joseph Pratt

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