Church provides for homeless

Members of the Lucasville Community of Christ, spent a portion of Sunday afternoon, chasing the chill out of Portsmouth and Lucasville.

Chasing the chill is an organization aimed at providing coats, scarves and gloves to the homeless as the days and nights get colder and colder.

Eleven members of the church went to Tracy and Alexandra Point Park in Portsmouth and the Lucasville bottoms equipped with 48 donated coats. The group spent the afternoon hanging the coats from trees.

“Myself along with ten other friends from Lucasville Community of Christ embarked on a mission to give coats to the homeless in Portsmouth and Lucasville. We asked for gently used coats, gloves and scarves to be donated,” Jhnoda Gregory, event organizer said. “We had prayer and headed out to Tracy Park and Alexandria Point Park in Portsmouth and a trailer lot in Lucasville. We met several homeless people, one man whose two children needed coats and just some kind people.”

Attached to each of the coats was a simple message, “take me I’m yours.” She said the pockets of the coats were filled with donated items.

Gregory said once they were finished in a park, they asked for guidance and for the items to find the home God had for them.

She said the idea came from an organization called Chase the Chill. The goal of Chase the Chill is an annual event that distributes scarves in public places so those in need- regardless of income and without any qualifiers can help themselves.

“Mission accomplished I believe. There is a huge need in our area and if we are able to get more donations we would love to go back out and do this again,” Gregory said.

Gregory called the experience unique and wonderful blessing. She said by Sunday evening most of the coats were gone in all locations.

Those interested in donating coats can call 740-259-2210 to make arrangements. For more information about Chase the Chill visit

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Carson Harbolt and Shirley Baker are pictured preparing one of the coats for the homeless. Harbolt and Shirley Baker are pictured preparing one of the coats for the homeless.

By Wayne Allen

[email protected]

Wayne Allen can be reached at 740-353-3101, ext. 1933 or on Twitter @WayneallenPDT