Allen has saved the city over $5 million

By Frank Lewis

[email protected]

Fresh off his annual evaluation, highlighted by mixed reviews by Portsmouth City Council, Portsmouth City Manager Derek K. Allen has issued a report showing his accomplishments during the 2014-2015 time period. Among those accomplishments is documentation he has saved the city $5,143,255 since Jan. 6, 2014.

Allen broke down his report into several different categories, then placed bullet points below each title. Under “Financial” Allen said he has produced a much more detailed budget each of three years, saved the city $17,000 in consultant fees in cost allocations that satisfied the Auditor of State, developed and implemented a successful five-year financial recovery plan and corrected the deficit condition in the city’s insurance fund, erasing the deficit and projecting a fund balance of $800,000 in 2015.

Under “Administration” Allen reminded Council their packets are getting to them a week in advance, all legislative requests are in writing with background documentation, and the report goes on to say he has effectively managed his staff completing work and delivering services with less staff.

Allen told Council he has brought the fire department to full strength in compliance with the City Charter, began a program to install storz fittings on all fire hydrants within five years and trained employees to begin first responder medical services which begin this month.

Allen lists his accomplishments under categories – “Flood Control,” “Police,” “Sanitation,” “Water,” “Wastewater,” “Utility Account Services,” and under “Streets and Traffic,” reminded Council that by reengineering repairing the problems on Oakland Boulevard, he saved the city $380,800, implemented a left turn lane at Kinney’s Lane and Scioto Trail through $120,000 in grant funding and reduced manpower while increasing snow plows and salt spreaders from four trucks to 11 trucks utilizing existing city trucks.

Allen showed statistics that the city has experienced no lost Workers’ Compensation work days in 2014 or 2015. In contrast – 1,322 days were lost in 2010; 1,601 days in 2011; 1,090 days in 2012 and 136 days in 2013.

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