Secret selves filled with conceit

G. Sam Piatt

PDT Outdoor Columnist

Note — Due to oversight, this column did not run last week. The Daily Times wanted to release this column at this time to its devoted readers.

Each of us has a secret self in which we communicate within our minds with

secret thoughts. These thoughts are oftentimes quite the opposite from the words

we speak aloud.

If the words formed in the thoughts of our secret self were spoken aloud, or if

others could but read our minds, it could mean the loss of friendships – perhaps

even result in a black eye or busted lip for us.

For instance, if my fishing companion is catching fish after fish while I’m yet

to get a nibble, I will brag on him and the wonderful way he has in hooking,

playing, and bringing big bass into the boat without the use of a dip net.

“You really have a talent for it,” I say.

But inwardly, after he has me down by 5-0, my secret self is saying, “You lucky

son-of-a-gun. I’m 10 times a better fisherman than you and you know it. This is

just one of those unexplainable days.”

Later, as he’s hooting and hollering while fighting another big one that’s

splitting the surface and setting his drag to singing, my secret self is

muttering about how he has the front seat, which everybody knows affords an

advantage over the man in the back.

“By the time I make my cast you’ve scared all the fish away from the shoreline

and moved us on,” secret self complains.

Then, trying desperately to smile, I say aloud, “You’ve got your limit of six

bass, now let me up there in the hot seat and you get back here.”

Which he, somewhat reluctantly, agrees to. As we trade seats, he tries

unsuccessfully to suppress a smug little giggle.

Then comes the crowning blow. He catches and releases three more nice bass. I

still haven’t gotten a strike.

My secret self is about to explode.

“If he catches one more, just one more,” it says, “then I’m going back there and

accidentally bump his lucky arse (my secret self has been known

to cuss a little when the occasion demands it) overboard.”


I’ve always told myself that I would never brag about any of the wonderful and

great works that I do. But let’s face it, we all like to hear a little praise

for our accomplishments now and then.

If, however, I’m with a fine fellow who begins to talk of some particular fine

piece of work I’ve turned out, I immediately shift into my modest, humble mood,

saying that I’ve never done anything worthy of such praise. I’ve even been known

to blush on such occasions.

But eventually he shifts the spotlight to his own good deeds. Next, I’ve got to

listen as he tells of the numerous great talents of his grandchildren.

Outwardly, I mutter some halfhearted comment such as, “Well, that’s great, just

great. I did not know that.”

But inwardly, my secret self is springing into action.

“Why you sorry dote,” secret self says. “Your work holds no more weight that a

feather in a windstorm compared to mine. And the talents of your grandchildren

are like a burned out match compared to my own brilliant little darlings.”

What we need, I guess, is to take an action that results in the renewing of our



A group of young people with various handicaps had the chance this Saturday and

Sunday, Nov. 21 and 22, to know the excitement of deer hunting, all thanks to

the Scioto County Chapter of Whitetails Unlimited and the United Special

Sportsman’s Alliance.

Jerry Drake of Wheelersburg, representative of the Scioto County chapter and

Ohio representative of the Sportsman’s Alliance, said those two organizations

sponsored the event.

It was held at Bear Creek Camp, established on land surrounding the former

Frazier’s Chateau located on a high hilltop off Ohio 104 between Lucasville and


A dozen handicapped kids ages 10-17 stayed in the cabins and went out in the

woods with guides in hopes of bringing down a deer.

The participants chosen for the Youth Hunt are from several states, with five of

this group coming from the local area.

Drake said these kids would never have the opportunity to try this without the

generosity and concern of these organizations.



“Hold Fast your dreams!

Within your heart

Keep one still, secret spot

Where dreams may go,

And, sheltered so,

May thrive and grow

Where doubt and fear are not.

O keep a place apart,

Within your heart,

For little dreams to go!”

—-Louise Driscoll (1875-1957)

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