Another lane restriction in New Boston


By Frank Lewis

[email protected]

You might want to go back to the practice of avoiding Rhodes Avenue, Route 52 east again, at least for this week.

“U.S. 52 east from Buch Street from the corporation limits to Glenwood Avenue, We’re doing televising and cleaning of the main sewer line down to West Avenue,” New Boston Village Administrator Steve Hamilton said. “Traffic will be one lane in places for the rest of the week.”

New Boston spent a large part of last year with multiple lane restrictions, and only in recent months have gotten back to normal traffic flow, but this week will be an exception to that.

“I just want people to be calm and courteous,” Hamilton said. “We don’t want to hamper people’s travel, but this is something that we have to do for the EPA to change our classification. We’re doing everything that they want us to do.”

The televising and cleaning is just another part of the sewer project that has brought the village out of the combined sewer overflow status.

“It starts out as a 36 inch line, goes to a 54 (inch) then a 64 inch line so we have to make sure it’s clean,” Hamilton said. “That means you’ve got to televise it. You’ve got to clean it, then go back and televise it and while we’re televising, we’re checking for any type of damages in the brick-lined pipe.”

The Daily Times asked Hamilton what would happen if problems are found in the system.

“We have to mark it and see how bad it is,” Hamilton said. “We might have to go in and repair it.”

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