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It has been a busy year for local businesswoman Maddie Burnside, who has not only established her own real estate brokerage, but has also renovated her modern office space from a historic church property. The culmination of her brokerage, Rutman Burnside Realty Group, has been long coming.

With her brother, Nick Rutman, being her partner, the two have been hard at work, providing locals a gateway to achieving the American dream of owning their perfect home.

Burnside said that she jumped into real estate and fell in love with the trade quickly. After four years of working in a local realty office, she broke apart, wanting to start her own venture.

“It has been really awesome. I really like being in charge of my own destiny and being my own boss, which is what I enjoy about it most,” Burnside explained. “For me, real estate has all of the things that I love to do. I love to talk and work with people. I love helping people stage their homes for guests. I love being able to go out and look at all of these different styles of homes. I even love marketing and adverting. I enjoy every facet of the job and it only helps me make my work better and better.”

The years of working a local brokerage gave her an insight of the business and the sense of direction she would take in her own.

As of early October, Rutman Burnside Realty Group has closed 41 listings. With only a year under their belts, they also placed in two categories of the Daily Times’ Annual Reader’s Choice Awards, placing as one of Scioto County’s best brokerages and Nick Rutman placing as one of the top real estate agents in the area.

Burnside attributes her success to their willingness to work and cater to customers on various platforms, from social media to print.

“When we started, we wanted to have a truly awesome, user friendly, website that features all the houses on the market, not just the houses we are selling,” Burnside explained. “The site is also very user friendly. We also take advantage of various social media outlets to showcase homes, and the typical online sites for homes. As for print, we are part of local magazines that come out monthly and avenues like that. It is amazing how these things branch out.”

Not all houses are ready for the market right away. Burnside explained that she is also often involved in renovations that happen before a house hits the market, in order to help the seller make decisions that will help the house sell as quickly as possible.

“We help with everything from tile and carpet, to helping pick and install new counter tops,” Burnside said.

Rutman Burnside Realty Group will continue to spread the American dream in the Ohio River Valley in coming years. The business currently has 49 listings and is dedicated to closing deals.

“Anytime you can honestly say your job doesn’t feel like work, it’s a pretty awesome thing,” Burnside said. “There’s nothing like the pride that comes with home ownership and I love being able to be a part of it.”

Visit their website at www.rutmanburnside.com or call an agent at 740-354-4663 (HOME).

Reach Joseph Pratt at 740-353-3101, ext. 1932, or by Twitter @JosephPratt03

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Submitted photo Maddie Burnside
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