City files Permit to Install application for transfer station


By Frank Lewis

[email protected]

The Scioto County Commissioners have received a letter from Portsmouth City Manager Derek K. Allen concerning a Permit to Install application.

“This letter of intent is being submitted in accordance with Ohio Administrative Code 3745-27-21 (c)(5) to notify you of the city’s intent to apply for a Permit to Install (PTI) from the Ohio EPA,” the letter begins. “This Permit to Install is for the existing solid waste transfer facility which is located (on Elm Street) in Portsmouth, Ohio. The station is owned and operated by the city of Portsmouth. The location of the station is on property owned by the city of Portsmouth.”

The letter goes on to say the transfer station has been under the city’s management since its construction.

“The City of Portsmouth has operated a solid waste (refuse) transfer station at 620 Elm Street since 1993. This facility has been an ‘unpermitted’ or ‘unlicensed’ facility. The EPA was aware of this situation,” Allen told the Daily Times. “The EPA has now decided to require the City of Portsmouth to have a permit and pay fees to the EPA. The city must go through the permitting process as if the facility was new and being constructed now. One of the requirements of the Permit to Install is to send official notice to various officials.”

History shows the city had originally installed a large compactor unit in 1993 at a cost of $396,000, and when it failed in 2009, replaced it with a much smaller compactor at a cost of $45,500 plus $1,700 for installation.

He said, in order to permit the transfer station the city would be required to pay the a one-time fee of $2,100; $750 annually and $4.75 per ton of refuse moved through the transfer station.

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