By Wayne Allen

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There are some movies we all consider classics. These are movies we have watched a hundred times, and could watch them a hundred more times without growing tired. Depending on your list, these might not be movies that have been remade or have a sequel.

One of the movies on my own list is the original “National Lampoon’s Vacation.” As you may be aware there was recently a sequel made to this move, catching the audience up with the lives of the Griswold Family. The movie is based around Rusty Griswold and his family. Throughout the movie shows the family on their way to an amusement park for vacation.

Some movies are just not meant to be remade. I was so disgusted with “Vacation” I had to put down my popcorn because of what was being shown in the movie.

There are several instances in which the main characters were vomiting. It was not a quick vomit either; the movie stuck with the person for a good ten seconds focusing on nothing else. At one point the family was trying to visit a hot springs park and took what they thought was a shortcut. They found themselves in a pool of human waste. That scene was the worst and almost made me vomit as well.

At another point in the film, one of the main characters, Rusty Griswold, was perceived to drive through a cow. Griswold was on a four-wheeler working to move a herd of cattle when he did not notice a cow in his way. Given it did not show him driving through the cow, it showed the lead up to the incident. A second or two later it showed Griswold being washed off with several parts of the animal on and around him.

I was also disgusted by the amount of foul language in the movie. If they took the foul language out, there would likely only be half of the dialogue left.

All of that aside the moral of the story was reassuring and followed to some degree the original “Vacation” film.

If you find yourself wondering about renting or purchasing this movie, your money would be better spent finding the original “National Lampoon’s Vacation” movie. Go see a movie this weekend, but not this one.

The movie runs 99 minutes and is Rated R for crude and sexual content and language, throughout and brief graphic nudity.

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