Both lanes to be open through New Boston


By Frank Lewis

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If you have been trying to avoid traveling through New Boston since the sewer project and now the paving project have been going on, here is good news. It could be as early as Wednesday that both eastbound lanes of U.S. 52 (Rhodes Avenue) in New Boston will be open for traffic. The Ohio Department of Transportation has been paving that portion of the roadway over the last few weeks, resulting in continual one-lane traffic jams.

“They (ODOT workers) are going to work on Saturday,” Kathleen Fuller, Public Information Officer for District 9 of ODOT, said. “Striping will take place the first of next week and they should be done striping by Tuesday.”

Fuller said workers suffered a slight setback causing a delay in finishing the process.

“There was a shutdown at the asphalt plant, probably a mechanical malfunction,” Fuller said. “That put them behind a little bit. But they are now back paving and they are going to finish up tomorrow (Saturday).”

On Monday New Boston Village Council will meet with the U.S. Corps of Engineers about the funding for phase 3 of the village’s sewer project. More details will be released following that meeting.

New Boston Village Administrator Steve Hamilton said phase 3 is to be bid out in three alternate bids and he laid out the plans for each phase.

Phase 3-A will be installing the 72-inch pipe from Rhodes Avenue to Gallia Street. Phase 3-B will take the pipe up to the front of the old Glenwood High School and will catch all the stormwater from Glenwood and will take an increased amount of stormwater out of the combined sewer. Phase 3-C will consist of televising and cleaning of sewer lines.

“That will catch all the stormwater from Glenwood that comes down out of the valleys and creeks and that will take a lot more stormwater our of our combined sewer,” Hamilton said.

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