Valley’s Rolfe to remain in coaching in 2015-16


Alex Hider

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Scott Rolfe has been a busy guy over the past few years. In addition to his job South Central Ohio Educational Service Center (ESC), he’s also served as Valley’s head basketball coach and football offensive coordinator. Last year, when head football coach Darren Crabtree had to take time off due to illness, Rolfe stepped in and led the Indians to their first regional championship in school history.

Earlier this week, it was announced that Rolfe had added another odd job to his plate — superintendent of the Valley Local School District.

Rolfe is excited for the challenge, but has one little concern:

“Finding time to sleep,” he joked.

Rolfe will be finishing up his work with ESC in the coming weeks, but he’ll still have his hands full with the superintendent job. Despite his increased workload, you’ll still find him on the sidelines on Friday night this fall and winter.

As part of the negotiations to bring Rolfe in as superintendent, the Valley graduate resigned his coaching positions at the school. The board then approved a movement that allowed Rolfe to continue coaching as a volunteer for the upcoming school year.

“I’m very fortunate that we were able to work together and come up with a way that I could finish up this football season and basketball season,” he said.

Beyond this season, Rolfe isn’t sure if it makes sense for him to remain in coaching.

“We’ll probably have to find out how this year goes,” he said. “Most likely, there will be a replacement. This might just be a one-year thing.”

Rolfe says a decision on his future as Valley’s basketball coach likely won’t be made until the springtime. He also made clear that his job as superintendent will take precedent over his job as a coach. He says he has plenty of coaches and backup plans in place in the case his new job takes him away from the field.

“My priority is running the district,” he said.

A final year on the sidelines gives Rolfe one last chance with a senior class of players he’s coached for nearly a decade — a group that includes his son, Bryan, last season’s All-District Player of the Year in football.

“That was something that was very big for me in making this decision, being able to finish out with this group,” Rolfe said. “It’s a very tight, close-knit group. I’ve been around them coaching-wise since the third grade…I’m grateful that they’re giving me the opportunity to still be involved with this class going out as seniors.”

Though coaching has served him well for over two decades, Rolfe is excited for the new challenge of running a school district. To him, the superintendent position will help achieve his goal of serving as many students as he can.

“I’ve been coaching for over 25 years…In those 25 years, it’s about 50-80 student-athletes you’re involved with. Now, I feel it’s time to be involved with about a thousand students,” he said. “Hopefully, I’m up for the challenge and we can do good things.”

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New superintendent will stay on sidelines this season

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