By Wayne Allen

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The village of New Boston is anticipated to reach a milestone next week. All the projects in the village that have effected traffic for months will be complete. Village Mayor Junior Williams said phase one and two of the sewer project have been completed to meet Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards and regulations.

When asked about the status of the project Williams said, “it’s completed. We’ve done phase one and phase two per the U.S. (United States) and Ohio EPA’s instructions. In the fall we will begin to look to do a phase three in Gallia Street and Glenwood Ave., area.”

The Ohio Department Of Transportation (ODOT) is anticipating the completion of their New Boston paving project by the end of next week. Work on the project started in June, with the scope of the project calling for eastbound lanes of U.S. 52 to be paved within the corporation limits of the village.

Allard Excavation of South Webster was awarded a contract for $941,904.91, to perform the work.

“Everything is always weather permitting, but we should be fine on this,” said Kathleen Fuller, ODOT spokesperson. “The crews are going to return tomorrow (Friday), they have some cleanup work to do.”

She said of the challenges of the project was the need to perform more milling work on the road, than what was originally anticipated.

“They mill of the old asphalt and they make any repairs that need to be made to the road,” Fuller said.

She said the extra milling was needed due to the condition of the road.

“They are going to fill in the trench areas on Saturday. Tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday crews will be out there working,” Fuller said. “On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday they will be putting on the final surface course and Thursday they will stripe. Our field engineer is hopeful that by the end of next week they will wrap things up.”

It’s anticipated once things wrap up; the roadway will be opened to traffic.

Included in the scope of the project was pavement repairs, pavement markings and ramp improvements to make them American’s with Disabilities Act compliant. Fuller said if there is any work left to be done after next week it could be done with minimum impact on traffic.

Williams said the completion of the paving and sewer projects will be good for businesses and traffic patters within the village.

A similar paving project slated to occur within the city of Portsmouth on eastbound lanes of U.S. 52 in 2016. The project will begin at the corporation limit near Washington Street on U.S. 52 in the city and end where the New Boston project started. The project is set to go out to bid in March of 2016 and would likely take place during the summer months. The estimated cost of the project is $1.8 million.

Williams said the village is currently gathering information for the phase three sewer project, no details or cost estimates were available.

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Photo by Ryan Ottney | Daily Times Traffic in New Boston has been backed up for months, but officials tell the Daily Times it’s expected to come to an end next week. by Ryan Ottney | Daily Times Traffic in New Boston has been backed up for months, but officials tell the Daily Times it’s expected to come to an end next week.