‘Extreme Trail Run to honor ‘extreme heroes’


By Portia Williams

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MINFORD — White Gravel Mines is gearing up to host ‘Extreme Trail Run 2015 The Extreme Heroes 5K,’ Saturday, Aug. 29, 2015 White Gravel McDaniel Rd. in Minford. Tom Martin, of White Gravel Mines, said the event is built upon Christian theme honoring first responders, servicemen and others esteemed as extreme heroes.

According to To Tom Martin of White Gravel Mines, The Extreme Heroes 5K will honor first responders, servicemen, and other extreme heroes, this course will push participants’ abilities to the limit. Those that serve, sacrifice and protect you in our communities will be highlighted on our 5K’s rugged terrain for our fall trail run.

This course will tribute the true Extreme Heroes of our nation and will inspire you to meditate on their strength and sacrifices in service as you endure the physical and mental pain from the drastic temperature and elevation changes on the White Gravel Mines property.

“The fall race will have a special theme honoring first responders and other public servants that stand in the gap to serve the greater good, and of course the most extreme hero of all, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who died for our sins,” Martin said. “From the fall race, we were able to raise over $3,500 for Mylee’s Missions, and coats for the little kids in Portsmouth. The race will have various obstacles that challenge the racers while showcasing public servants that we are calling “Extreme Heroes.”

With the generous support of community minded businesses, Martin said they will be able to help many with a message of hope that can result in a brighter future. The proceeds from the spring race have already purchased hundreds of winter coats that will be given away at the annual Mylee’s Missions Christmas event. Fall race proceeds will be split between the Southern Ohio War Memorial and the Cavern of Choices drama promoting good life decision making.

The Course will test participants’ endurance and commitment to be an extremist. The 5K course through to beautiful dense woods, hills and creeks is abounding with excruciating obstacles. According to Martin, acres of inclines and declining hills throughout this 5K will put your body in shock, while the dark, eerie underground Mine portion riddled with mysterious passages boasts an experience like no other race. He said it is the only underground race of its kind in the Tri-State area.

The Mines- a 56 degrees year round mine of white grave, partially lit by electric as well as more antiquated methods. Each passageway is approximately 20-30’ wide and 20’+ high. It’s huge, dark and beautiful to behold as you speed through the maze inside.

Other obstacles include:

Chilly Jordan- a waist deep wade through Mines water.

There are some added features to the course, ‘Tame the Flame’ which will provided several fire jump-over. ‘Tom’s Tower- a climb, crossover, and descent inside the Mines main corridor.

Sweat Net- cargo net climb requiring great strength.

Pondered- ponder whether to swim or skim by the natural pond.

Highway to Heaven- rope assisted pull uphill on a 45-55 degree angle beast that seems to go on forever.

Devil’s Descent- rope assisted twisty descent to your doom. Steady now.

Belly Bog- a crawl obstacle, uphill through a tangled brush pile.

Decision Valley- an over and under pass through inconveniently placed trees.

Cross Carry- bear a rugged log on your back through the woods.

Squeeze Breeze- a small tube crawl to slow you down, but it’s a breeze

The Divisions:

Participants can be Individual racers (register online) or Extreme Teams (register by mail).

Individual racers: $40 Early Bird until Aug. 22, 2015, with guaranteed wave time and t-shirt.

Individual racers: $50 registration on Aug 23 thru Race Day, with no t-shirt guarantees.

Extreme Teams: $35 per person mail in/early bird registration only, teams of six or more, wave times and t-shirt guaranteed. It is requested that all forms be printed out all mailed by Aug. 22, 2015 to: Mindy Martin, 1160 Simon Miller Rd., Portsmouth, Ohio 45662.

EpiPen users, inform registration table. Allergies/Bee stings possible and we need to be prepared.

The Awards:

1st place medals for Male and Female: Best time overall

1st & 2nd & 3rd place medals for Male and Female: For the fastest finishers in each age group

1st & 2nd place medals for Extreme Teams: Top 6 finishers only in each winning team receive medals

*Optional* Best Dressed medal: For the individual wearing the most creative outfit overall. One prize for the standout, and particiants are encouraged to be creative and race as an ‘extreme hero.’

Age Divisions: Men & Women- 10 and under, 11-17yrs, 18-24yrs, 25-31yrs, 32-38yrs, 39-45yrs, 46-52yrs, 53-59yrs, 60yrs & up.

The End: 1st Wave begins at 9 a.m., then every 15 minutes thereafter. Bring a flashlight/headlamp may be brought as well. Additional shirts will be available on Race Day while supplies last. For more information visit the White Gravel Mines Facebook page.

Reach Portia Williams at 740-353-3101, ext. 1929, or on Twitter @PortiaWillPDT.

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