Music Through the Decades


By Portia Williams

[email protected]

LUCASVILLE — Garden Clubs from Scioto County will join together on Thursday once again at the Scioto County Fair for a second show. According to club member, Linda Warfield, the judging will begin promptly at noon, and the results will revealed at approximately 1:30 p.m.

“The Flower Show is always a joyful event, and everybody that participates is always so excited about winning The Best of Show,“ Warfield said. “We have some really exceptional, talented designers here in our county that we are so fortunate to have. And we also have some individuals that live in our community that love to show their potted plants, and their cut flowers, that are not a part of this organization, but they really participate.”

According to Warfield, there are six different Garden Clubs in Scioto County that participate in the Scioto County Fair.

“The theme of the Flower Show this year is Music Through the Decades,” she said. “That is the theme that is being followed. On our invitational garden, the entrance to the show is piano keys, its a path of piano keys, and then there is an enlarged violin that is also on display there that is also at the entrance to the Flower Show. Then, it goes on into where all of the designs are all kept, and we have a horticulture department that has a whole list of potted plants, people bring in and show their talent as far as growing their plants and the cut flowers from their yards.”

A committee of Garden Club members get together to composed a theme for the annual Flower Show events at the fair.

“We have an educational program that is dedicated to the ‘Buckeye Battle Call,’ and that’s being themed on buckeye trees, and that follows that theme of that song, the ‘Buckeye Battle Cry.’ But each design is labeled as a title to a song,” she said. “There is a whole committee of people throughout our Garden Clubs that create the theme, and each year there is a new theme, and they come up with all of the different titles of all of the different classes.”

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Submitted photo Jean Moore, of the Willow Garden Club, showed a purple pom pom zenia “Oklahoma,” at the Scioto County Fair on Monday. photo Jean Moore, of the Willow Garden Club, showed a purple pom pom zenia “Oklahoma,” at the Scioto County Fair on Monday.

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