By Portia Williams

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A&I Enterprise Systems, Inc., out Reston, Va., has expanded, and opened its doors in Portsmouth with a new office located inside of the Welcome Center in October. Now A&I has been recognized for The 2015 Best of Reston Virginia Awards in Computers & Technology.

Dan White, the owner of A&I, is a native of Portsmouth.

A&I was notified of its award, July 9, one day prior to closing discussions with the NASA Glen Research Center to provide IT services at that facility. Situated in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area some of A&I’s closest neighbors are Sprint, Oracle, Microsoft, Accenture, and Northrup Grumman to name a few major companies that line this Virginia high-tech corridor. White said he is delighted to have A&I Enterprise Systems, Inc. branch out in his hometown.

“I am excited about A&I reaching Portsmouth, where I was born a raised,” White said. “Our goal is to establish a new source for professional job creation within this historically underutilized business zone. A&I’s current customer base is the Federal Government with the intent to add market share to spur new employment opportunities within Scioto County and specifically in Portsmouth.”

According to White, the Reston, Va.,-based company A&I Enterprise Systems, Inc., is dedicated to developing products and delivering services that help its consumers, customers, clients and partners realize their goals and achieve their full potential. A&I Enterprise Systems officially opened it Portsmouth within the Scioto County HUBZone.

Some of the Company’s teaming partners are Northrup Grumman, TASC, and LockHeed Martin. The Company encourages additional inquiries to from other Industry leaders to continue its grow in the region to help revitalize the Greater Portsmouth area.

“This award is especially gratifying en-light of all of the hard work performed by the employees of the Company in support to the DoD, and Health Care Sectors,” White said. “The company has been very active in 2015, expanding into new markets and signing new agreements with some notable firms. I envision good things within the short term that will impact positively on Company profits and expansion wise particularly at our new Portsmouth, Ohio, location.”

A&I Enterprise Systems may be contacted by calling 740-353-2488.

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