Cunningham has 6th #1 song


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By Frank Lewis

[email protected]

Lucasville resident Donna Cunnigham has just received her 6th number one song on the IndieWorld Chart for the song “Think Again,” written by Portsmouth resident Stan Lane.

“I’m so pleased with this number one because it is from the first CD I ever recorded with local musicians,” Cunningham said. “In 2010 I recorded a 10-song CD – ‘Out of the Blue,’ at Hitmaker’s Studio in Wheelersburg.”

Dan Ward owns the studio and mixes and masters thew songs; Dave Morrison produced the CD and played steel guitar on the set. Other musicians involved included Jared Ward, Bobby Burnett, Craig Nobles and Dave Johnson.

“I am always really proud of placement on the IndieWorld Chart because it is completely compiled independently by monitoring airplay on major indie stations throughout the world,” Cunningham said. “There are 10s of thousands of singers and songs offered to these stations regularly and it is a great feeling to know that six of my songs have been played often enough to become number one. But this one is especially dear to my heart because it is mostly a product of the telented area musicians here in Scioto County that I am honored to work with and call my friends.”

It has been a busy year for Cunningham. In June she performed on a show at the Nashville Palace along with Ronnie McDowell, T. Graham Brown, Irlene Mandrell, LuluRoman and Buddy Jewell and others.

On July 21 Cunningham will be doing a show with Bad Habitz at the Cabell County Fair in Milton, West Virginia. On July 31 she will be at the Paint Valley Jamboree in Bainbridge, Ohio. On Aug. 8 she will be back in the local area the Southen Ohio Opry. On Aug. 14 she will be a headliner at the Troubador Theater in Nashville and she will be in Lawrenceville, Tenessee on Aug. 15.

Labor Day week, Cunningham will be performing several half-hour shows at the National Traditional Country Music Festival in LeMars, Iowa and in September her travels will take her to Wythville, Virginia and Ambler, Pennsylvania, then back to the Troubador in Nashville.

“I look back five years at that wonderful experience of working with the guys at Hitmaker’s and realize how much I owe them and all the local musicians with whom I have worked, learning from them has allowed me to have a career in music and I thank them,” Cunningham said. “This area is so rich in musical talent. After all, the Country Music Highway runs right through our community. I often wonder why Portsmouth doesn’t try to become a Branson like town, filled with tourist shops and theaters. We would be a wonderful tourist destination.”

Reach Frank Lewis at 740-353-3101, ext. 1928, or on Twitter @franklewis.

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