Park to be renamed for Warren


By Frank Lewis

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New Boston’s Village Square Park could soon become “The James Warren Memorial Park” in honor of New Boston’s mayor for the last 21 years, who passed away last week after an extended illness.

“It has been called Kiwanis Park. It has been called Village Square Park. It has been called Manor Park. It has been called a lot of stuff,” New Boston Village Administrator Steve Hamilton said. “I would like to, if (village) council will approve it, rename that park The James Warren Memorial Park.”

Currently, the park carries the name of Rent-2-Own, because of that company’s improvements made to the facility.

“I have already talked to R2O and they are happy to take the sign down and putting in a little sign where they helped,” Hamilton said. “They (Rent-2-Own) would like to see it named that too.”

George Essman, a long time landscaper, stepped up to make a donation to the Warren Trust Fund to help finance the project. He had originally endorsed placing a likeness on the recently-installed wall on Harrisonville Avenue, but Hamilton noted the wall belongs to the state of Ohio.

“I talked with Steve and I think it’s an excellent idea,” Essman said. “I like it even better than my idea and that was the wall, but the wall belongs to the state and they may not let us anyway. So I told him I’d switch my allegiance to this project and I’d like to make a donation at this time from myself and my children.”

Essman said he would be available to help make the project a reality if needed.

“I don’t want to let that die,” Essman said.

Hamilton said he does plan to add to the area of the sign some mulch and perennial flowers, and Essman indicated he would probably donate what is needed from him.

Right after opening his first meeting as the official mayor of New Boston, Junior Williams made another motion concerning the memory of Jim Warren.

“The Breakfast with Santa, he did that for many years,” Williams said. “I, for one, would like to rename that The James Warren Breakfast with Santa.”

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