Cedar St. Church purchases property


By Portia Williams

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NEW BOSTON — Cedar Street Church (CSC) at 4205 Cedar St., in New Boston, recently purchased land located on Oak Street in New Boston, which, according to Pastor Gary Heimbach, will give the church more opportunities to serve the community.

Gary Heimbach, whom has served as pastor of CSC for 14 years, said they are elated about the purchase of the new property, and greatly appreciate New Boston Schools who sold them the property on Oak Street.

“We were the high bidder at the auction that the New Boston Schools had, and they have just been great to work with,” Heimbach said. “They were happy to see us get the property, and we were happy to get it from them. It gives us a lot more opportunity for the future of the church in New Boston, so we are happy about that.”

According to the official results from the June 25, 2015, meeting of the New Boston School Board of Education, CSC purchased the property for $41,500. Heimbach said for the present, they will utilize the property for special community events.

“We are not building a building at this point, but we just wanted to announce that we have finally made that acquisition,” Heimbach said. “What we have done in the past is hosted some community carnivals on our property, and so the next time that we have one we, perhaps in the spring or summer, we will have it on this new lot. We will bring some new top soil in, and grade it, and make it look very nice.

For the past year, CSC been focusing on enhancing their youth ministry.

“We are trying to think of some special things, some events that would involve the community,” he said. “We are beginning a year-long focus on the children’s ministry of our church. We have a youth pastor, and we also have a children’s pastor. We’ve had some things in the works for that, and we will certainly be considering the use of that property for that as well. “

He said their long term goal is to build a new church building on the property.

“What this does is gives us options for the future. Our congregation is growing, and we have a building that is going on 95 years old, and it’s not handicapped-accessible,” he said. “Off in the distant future, if we are able to build a new sanctuary some day, that would probably be the location, but we are not any where close to even starting on plans for that at the moment.”

Pastor Heimbach said he attributes the present growth of the church to God’s blessing, and the congregation’s love for the community.

“I think that we have some very good leadership, but most of all it is the blessing of the Lord,” he said. “We are committed to living lives that please the Savior, and we do not apologize about preaching and teaching God’s word and we take it seriously to be God’s revealed truth.

Service times for CSC include Sunday School at 9:30 a.m., Sunday Morning Worship at 10:30 a.m., Youth Meeting Sunday at 5 p.m., Sunday Evening Worship at 6 p.m., and Wednesday Evening Worship at 7 p.m.

Making a concerted effort to build relationships within the community is a high priority of Heimbach and his congregation.

“Also, we have been working on making sure that we are church that builds relationships in the community, and we want to love New Boston and the people who live and work there,” he said. “That is another big reason that I think we are seeing growth. We desire to be a church that serves the entire family, and individuals of all ages.”

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