Greenup takes second globally in competition


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Courtesy photo
Greysbranch Elementary School Community Problem Solving team celebrating their win at international competitions.

Joseph Pratt

[email protected]

Greenup County Schools aren’t strangers to seeing students go above and beyond in competitions, even having some national winning teams. The elementary school students recently proved that even the younger students are major achievers, as they recently returned home with the title of second place, globally, in a competition using in-depth thought and planning.

The Greysbranch Elementary School Community Problem Solving team is the latest Greenup highlight, as they return from the Future Problem Solving International Program (FPSPI) Competition this past weekend in Ames, Iowa after making a big impact in their competition.

The goal of FPSPI is to provide students with necessary thinking and problem solving skills which will serve them well throughout their lives.

The organization has a 40 year history and looks ahead into the future. Each year, students from 12 countries deeply explore scenarios and problems the world is facing or might face 20 years into the future. The work students accomplish, to participate in the organization, promotes critical and creative thinking, leadership abilities, and research skills.

Students from 11 countries participated in the conference this year, including teams from Singapore, Turkey, Jordan, Australia, Great Britain, Hong Kong and New Zealand. Students competing in CmPS focus on real community problems. Of course, Greybranch competing and falling behind only one other.

The Greysbranch team, Team CAP (Cancer Awareness and Prevention), worked throughout the school year to increase cancer awareness and help provide support to cancer patients. They also included the community in the project by sharing information, raising funds, and collecting toys and blankets for cancer patients.

The students themselves are responsible for the win, seeing as faculty and coaches were not allowed to assist during the competition. Students had to set up a display outlining their project all on their own.

The young champions also participated in an intensive interview session with international judges to elaborate on the project goals, activities and outcomes. The students not only had to be prepared to defend their project, they had to do it alone.

Team coaches are not permitted to participate in the set-up or interview sessions, which made for an anxious wait for coaches Lisa Farley and Stephanie Chapman.

Team PAL members who competed at the international competition include Jack Gullett, Brock Thomas, Kamrin Chapman, Emma Stevens, Scarlett Branham, Hemi Ervin, Eli Lewis and Carter Stevens. Other members of Team CAP include Ethan Blevins, Eli Hamm, Sam Hailsop, Hanna Blevins, Sarah Brown, Caroline Adkins and Cade Hunt.

Reach Joseph Pratt at 740-353-3101, ext. 1932, or by Twitter @JosephPratt03.

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