STEM entertains with COSI


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Courtesy Photo Braden Yost learning with COSI on Wheels

Courtesy Photo From left to right, Caden Wilcox, Josh Mershon, Layne Williams, and Arwen Randaisi

Courtesy Photo From left to right, Makenna Mowery, Jaylynn Drake, Kohra Mowery

Joseph Pratt

[email protected]

Nothing makes a child more excited to learn, than simply hearing the name COSI. Portsmouth STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) Academy (PSA) brought COSI to local kids on Friday through the COSI on Wheels program.

STEM also invited the Children’s Learning Center to visit and learn from the science experts of COSI.

COSI stands for Center of Science and Industry. The organization makes science learning fun for many different fields of study. Students can travel through the COSI exhibitions and learn, hands-on, how science works and then apply it to real scenarios in fun and engaging ways.

Students often visit the organization’s state of the art building in Columbus, but COSI also has the COSI on Wheels program.

According the COSI’s website, COSI on Wheels introduces dynamic science topics to your entire school with a high-energy, 45-minute assembly followed by a day of hands-on activities that enhance science inquiry skills and encourage continued learning. All COSI On Wheels programs fulfill Scientific Inquiry and Application Components of the Ohio College and Career Ready Standards.

STEM brought in two different displays, which went on back-to-back. The day started off with a chemistry set and then went to ecology, each having ten stations to visit and a new interactive lesson.

“COSI is a part of our summer enrichment program. We want to make sure we offer quality summer enrichment programs every week of the summer,” Head Science Teacher Shannon Mowery said. “We will have students doing everything from working on a show with Portsmouth Area Children’s Theatre to learning in Shawnee Forest.”

Principal Megan Warnock said that the students really enjoyed the program and were even correcting some of the volunteers on science facts.

“Even the youngest kindergarten students were shouting out answers and talking about compressed gas and using wonderful scientific terms,” Warnock said. “COSI has been an awesome experience for our students and they really enjoyed it.”

Portsmouth STEM Academy is a private, non-profit school in Portsmouth, Ohio serving grades K-8. The school opened in August of 2014. PSA offers a robust curriculum in science, technology, engineering, and math, while still providing a fully integrated liberal arts program including language arts, social studies, foreign language, art, music, theatre, physical education, critical thinking, problem solving, and debate. For more information about Portsmouth STEM Academy, please visit or call 740-351-0591.

Those interested in the educational offerings of Portsmouth STEM Academy, complete and return their enrollment application, which can be found at under the “student” tab.

Reach Joseph Pratt at 740-353-3101, ext. 1932, or by Twitter @JosephPratt03.

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