Ohio 7:14 Prayer Assembly a success


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Submitted photo| Daily Times Approximately 200 people gathered outside the State Capitol building in Columbus on June 11, for the Ohio 7:14 Prayer of Solemn Assembly

By Portia Williams

[email protected]

The labor for the ‘Ohio 7:14 a Solemn Assembly of Prayer’ gathering held Thursday, June 11, 2015, in Columbus was not held in vain. According to Pastor Tim Throckmorton, one of the coordinators, around 200 people joined them outside the Ohio State Capitol building in Columbus to pray.

“I am very happy with the turn out, and with the response of the people. We sat in the sun and we prayed for about an hour and a half to two hours, and it was fabulous,” Throckmorton said. “Many connections were made. We were blessed to have about 200 people, pastors and church leaders show up to pray.”

He said a variety of denominational backgrounds was represented.

“I ran into Ronnie Floyd, President of the Southern Baptist Convention, and he joined us, and he brought a lot of folks from the Southern Baptist there.” he said. “We had the Nazarene, Church of Christ Christian Union, just a host represented of those who prayed. It was just fabulous, every prayer was topical, we prayed for our legislature, our courts, our military, our law enforcement, our community, it really went well.”

He said a total of 18 people prayed during the course of the gathering.

“This was a miracle, that 18 people prayed, yet we finished on time,” he said. “We had a president of a university there who prayed, and a business leader from Columbus, Burt Lyndsey. of Lyndsey Honda, which is one of the largest Honda dealers in the nation, he joined us a prayed. It was a show of love and unity, as the churches came together. What bring us together is much more than what separates us.”

He said Ohio 7:14 will is very likely to be held again.

“I think we have to do it again. It was discussed by many that day,” he said. “Many people said very quickly that we’ve got to do it again, so I think the second Thursday in June we will try to do this again in 2016. Prayer is extremely important, no speeches, just prayer.”

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