Porter awards paving contract

By Joseph Pratt

[email protected]

During a regularly scheduled meeting of the Porter Township Board of Trustees held Monday, July 15, trustees accepted bids for the summer paving project. Porter Township Chairman Jim Gill said that the trustees awarded the current contract to lowest bidder, Allard Paving, of South Webster, for $171,171.92.

Specific information per road can be obtained by request from the Port Township Trustees office. The combined length of all roads up for bid equal over 15,000 feet.

Many roads will be involved in the paving, including Kassandra Drive, Hamilton Avenue, Third Street, Franklin Avenue, Apple Road, Keyport Road, Meadows Lane, Highland Bend Road at 140, Marne Avenue, Labold Avenue, Mathiot Ally, Slocum Heights Road, Goose Creek, Cross Street, Possum Hollow Road, Whitcomb Street, Green Avenue, Grove Street, and Giant Oakes Road.

Last year’s roadwork was also completed by Allard Paving, through a paving contract of $167,000. Cost varies per year, due to amount of roads paved and the length of each.

Gill said that Allard Paving hasn’t released an official schedule of when it will be paving certain roads, but residents will be given at least a 24-hour notice before work begins on a given road.

A start date has not yet been announced, but the trustees are expecting it to begin any day, seeing as the contractor is being held to a deadline of completion set for August 21, 2015.

This summer paving project is an annual upkeep effort in which the trustees look at which roads need servicing the most and move forward to keep their roads safe and efficient.

“We do a survey at the start of every summer and we pick up the roads that need the most attention,” Councilman Dave Hayden explained. “We just really appreciate the Township trusting us to spend their money on the roads to keep them safe and in good condition for them.”

For more information, contact an official in the Township Hall of the Trustees at 740-574-4245.

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