Girl Scout Day Camp, June 15-19


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Submitted photo Troops gather together at 2015 Girl Scout Day Camp.

Submitted photo | Daily Times
Girl Scouts participate in flag ceremony in 2015 Day Camp

Submitted photo | Daily Times
Troops enjoy snack with adult supervisor Becky Campbell during the Girl Scout Day Camp held last year

By Portia Williams

[email protected]

PIKETON — Members of Girl Scout Troops Jackson, Pike and Scioto counties will transform from little girls to detectives at the annual Girl Scout Day Camp. The them of this year’s camp is ‘Detective Academy,’ the camp will be held at Lone Eagle Camp on Lone Eagle Archery Range in Pike County June 15-19.

Angie Roberts, a Girl Scout director, said the 2015 Girl Scout Day Camp will offer a host of activities for the girls to enjoy.

“We have a theme every year that the council chooses for us, and this year its the ‘Detective Academy. Right now we have about 118 registered, counting the adults,” Roberts said. “We will be doing detective work. We will have a variety of activities daily, like on Monday, the archery men will come and the girls will get to shoot bows.”

The Troops will have the opportunity to interact with a real life detective from the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office.

“One of the special things that we have planned is Jodi Conkel, who is a detective for Scioto County, will come and talk to the girls about her work, and that should be really interesting for them,” she said.

Members of the Pike County Sheriff’s Department will also make a visit to and will provide the Scouts with fingerprinting kits.

“We have groups called units, and each group will get a day that they get to cook out on the camp fire, and girls that are fourth grade and up get to spend the evening up to eight o’clock on Thursday. After they do their cooking, we will do a flag retirement ceremony,” she said.”We gather old, tattered flags and there is a ceremony held where you burn them, and then you have to take the ashes and spread them out, and its a ceremony to teach the girls the respect of the flag,”

The Girl Scout Day Camp will also include hiking, creeking, a variety of games and crafts, as well as a special puppet show.

“We have a puppet show that will be daily, it’s called the Pajor, and a lady has made up some detective stories, but they will have to go hunt something to make it a game, everyday.”

Roberts has served as a director with Girl Scouts for 30 years.

“This is my 3oth year as director, and two years previously of that I was a Girl Scout Unit Leader. I have a Troop, I’ve had a Girl Scout Troop since 1981,”she said. “My very first Girl Scout Troop graduated in 1991, and my daughter graduated in 1994, and I stayed with it because of the girls. I have also made a lot of friends with the adults in the Girl Scouts.”

She recalls in her earlier days in Girl Scouts in which things were not as easy as they are today.

The very first year that I did Girl Scouts was in 1982 to take them to Day Camp, and I think we had somewhere in the neighborhood of 28 girls,” she said. “We carpooled to a day camp in Sciotoville called Winding Lane. We walked a mile every evening and every morning to get to camp. It had an old cabin, and an outhouse, and a creek and that was the extent of the facilities.”

It is the opportunity to provide experiences to the girls which makes it so rewarding to Roberts.

“The most rewarding thing would have to be the little girls who give you a hug and smile, and are happy to get to do things,” she said. “A lot of the outdoors things that we do, some girls would never get to experience if it weren’t for the Girl Scouts.”

Reach Portia Williams at 740-353-3101, ext. 1929, or on Twitter @PortiaWillPDT.

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