The Portsmouth Public Library would like to recommend these book titles. Each title is available to borrow with your library card! For more book recommendations or information on applying for a library card go to or call 740-354-5688.

“Trust” by Hernan Diaz – Even through the roar and effervescence of the 1920s, everyone in New York has heard of Benjamin and Helen Rask. He is a legendary Wall Street tycoon; she is the brilliant daughter of eccentric aristocrats. Together, they have risen to the very top of a world of seemingly endless wealth. But the secrets around their affluence and grandeur incites gossip. Rumors about Benjamin’s financial maneuvers and Helen’s reclusiveness start to spread—all as a decade of excess and speculation draws to an end. At what cost have they acquired their immense fortune? Readers might also enjoy “Fates and Furies” by Lauren Groff or “Asymmetry” by Lisa Halliday.

“Every Summer After” by Carley Fortune – For six summers, Percy and Sam had been inseparable through hazy afternoons working in his family’s restaurant and warm summer nights curling up together with books. Eventually that friendship turned into something breathtakingly more, before it fell spectacularly apart. Readers might also enjoy “Before We Were Strangers” by Renee Carlino or “If I Forget You” by Thomas Christopher Greene.

“River of the Gods: Genius, Courage and Betrayal in the Search for the Source of the Nile” by Candice Millard – In 1857, two British men – Richard Burton and John Hanning Speke- and an African slave named Sidi Mubarak Bombay sought to discover the source of the Nile. Hardship, illness, and treachery ensued. This is their story. Readers might also enjoy The “River of Doubt” by Candice Millard or “The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon” by David Grann.

“A Year to the Day,” a new title by Robin Benway, explores the grief and trauma that sixteen-year-old Leo is still going through, a year after the tragic accident that claimed her sister’s life. Leo, her sister Nina, and her sister’s boyfriend, East had just left a party in Nina’s car when she was struck by a drunk driver and killed. Told in reverse chronology over the past year, East and Leo bond over the grief they both share. Leo struggles to remember any details from the accident, while East remembers every detail but is unwilling to discuss them at all, and Leo wonders if there can be happiness in a world without her sister. Readers might also enjoy “You’ve Reached Sam” by Dustin Thao or “Tigers, Not Daughters” by Samantha Mabry