PORTSMOUTH — Becky Elam could barely walk, and she knew why.

She had bilateral arthritis in both knees. She’d tried anti-inflammatories. She’d tried cortisone shots. And now that the problem was getting worse, she knew it was time for a total knee replacement. That’s how Becky had her first experience with Dr. Joseph Leith and Southern Ohio Medical Center. She was very happy with how it went.

“The surgery was phenomenal, the staff was phenomenal,” Becky said. “My whole experience with SOMC was phenomenal.”

Becky worked at Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital for 30 years before having her first encounter with SOMC. It only took a few more months before she had her second when she unexpectedly needed a total hip replacement.

“I still had trouble walking,” Becky explained. “I also had such pain in the hip and groin area.”

That lead Becky to going in for an x-ray, and another surgery with Dr. Leith was scheduled within two weeks. Almost instantly after her total hip replacement, she felt the results.

“I had immediate relief. I was up and walking that same day,” she said. “I had surgery on Friday, came home on Monday and was driving by Thursday.”

Today, Becky’s life has changed dramatically for the better. She is no longer suffering from the pain she dealt with before her surgeries and her mobility has been restored. She says she sings high praises for Dr. Leith and SOMC for making that turnaround possible.

“My life was on hold a year ago because of the hip and the knee. Now my life is back to where I want it,” Becky said. “I’m able to do anything I want to do, no pain, no problems. It’s a new lease on life.”

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