How to show your appreciation for postal workers


Postal employees work tirelessly to ensure that parcels are sent through the system efficiently and delivered on time.

According to the United States Postal Service, the agency handled 152.6 billion in mail volume and 6.2 billion in shipping and packaging volume in 2019. The public relies on the postal system for medications, business packages, retail items, and millions of letters and other correspondence sent each year.

The postal system continued to run during the pandemic, despite shutdowns and other setbacks. In fact, with more individuals staying close to home, mail carriers served as links to the outside world and a vital cog in the delivery machine that helped keep the world running. No matter the situation, postal employees are vital.

Whether postal employees are processing and sorting mail or delivering it to homes across the nation, the public can express their gratitude to these essential workers in various ways.

Offer a gift

According to federal regulations in the United States, postal employees are eligible to receive a gift worth $20 or less from a customer per occasion, such as a birthday or holiday. That gift cannot be cash, check or a gift card that can be exchanged for cash. No USPS employee may accept more than $50 worth of gifts from one customer in a calendar year. A pair of gloves, sunglasses, food gifts, and the like may be suitable, provided they are not valued at more than $20.

Make things convenient

Ensure that postal employees can reach the mailbox and front of the home safely. Remove any tripping hazards from pathways, which may include repairing cracked walkways or uneven brick or stone paths. Promptly shovel snow during snowstorms. Secure pets so they cannot get outdoors when postal workers approach.

Prepare a grab-and-go basket

Postal workers may appreciate a small refreshment during their shifts. Fill a basket or box with snack-sized offerings of cookies, chips, trail mix, bottled water, or juices. Carriers can grab an item as they leave your porch.

Leave a note

Place a thank you note addressed to the carrier on the mailbox. Convey your feelings and express appreciation for all he or she does.

Provide a meal

During busy times of year, such as the holiday season and Mother’s Day, postal employees in mail branches may work long hours and interact with hundreds of people. Visit your local post office and provide a lunch as a token of your appreciation.

Little gestures of gratitude and kindness can go a long way for postal employees who are working hard to keep mail moving.

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