One last hurrah

SOC soccer seniors meet for final time

By Benjamin Spicer -

Wheelersburg’s Dylan Burton gives a fist bump as he exits the field.

Wednesday night at Valley, senior soccer players from across the SOC met on the field for the last time in their high school careers.

On the turf, girls and boys from across the conference came together to play an all-star match against their peers. Between the two games, award winners were honored for the season.

It was obvious that the match meant a lot to the seniors from each school, despite the duration of the games lasting for only a half.

“I think it was fun to play one last time, and against people we won’t ever play against again,” Minford’s Erin Daniels said. “It felt good to wear my Minford jersey one last time.”

Daniels scored the first goal of the girls match on a corner kick in the fifth minute.

Fellow Falcons Aspen Lambert and Marissa Waters also scored in the game, with Lambert’s score coming in the 10th minute and Waters’ goal finding the net in the final five minutes of the match.

Wheelersburg’s Madison Humble scored two goals in the contest as well, and Lyndlee Willis also added another point to the score. The home team in the girl’s game, which consisted of the seniors of Minford as well as Humble and Willis, won 6-0.

In the boy’s match, the scoring was sparser.

Waverly’s Tyler Newman scored the lone goal of play nearly 30 minutes in to give his team a 1-0 win.

“It was a lot of hustle from the entire team just to draw defenders away from me,” Newman said. “I feel like I did decent work to get around the outside back … the keeper got a hand on it, I really don’t think it should have gone in but it did.”

Newman said it was a big adjustment playing with guys he played against all season, but he enjoyed it.

“It’s a lot different playing with different people than you did the entire season,” Newman said. “Northwest won the SOC, so they’re obviously all really good and it was fun playing with them.”

The Mohawks were well represented in the match, with seven players participating.

Northwest’s Jacob Goodson played soccer for only a year, but was a part of one of the best teams in school history.

“It was my first year, so I didn’t think it was going to be like this,” Goodson said. “It was pretty good, it’s awesome.”

Goodson also liked the experience, saying he had fun playing against some of the toughest competition in the area.

“It feels good to play against the best around here,” Goodson said.

When asked what he would miss the most about the soccer pitch, Goodson kept it simple.

“Winning,” Goodson replied.

Not only did the games offer a chance to play one last time, it also gave former competitors a chance to now become friends.

“Me and Dee [Thompson] are like brothers now,” Minford’s Elijah Craft said. Thompson was the only senior on the roster for South Webster this season.

With representatives from nearly every SOC school, the contest was a success for the conference. For teams that had a lot of talent this year, there was certainly a lot of skill on display during both matches.

Although the soccer careers are coming to an end for some, they will always have their last game as seniors to remember.

Wheelersburg’s Dylan Burton gives a fist bump as he exits the field.’s Dylan Burton gives a fist bump as he exits the field.
SOC soccer seniors meet for final time

By Benjamin Spicer –

Reach Benjamin Spicer at (502)264-7318 on Twitter @BSpicerPDT or at

Reach Benjamin Spicer at (502)264-7318 on Twitter @BSpicerPDT or at


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