Move into a higher vibration

By Michelle Zirkle


Seat heaters are the bomb. I crank mine up in Autumn when mornings are foggy and just seeing the dew on my car makes me shiver. Seat heaters are as important to me as are the tires on my car and both items run hot. I was “born with wheels for feet,” like grandma used to say. Movement is comforting—the jostle of a train ride, the flow of a yoga sun salutation, the landscape whizzing past the airplane window.

Movement keeps me warm and cultivates my growth. If I’m not moving, I feel like I’m dying. I relish the opportunity to avoid feeling stagnant even if I’m accomplishing something as simple as reaching the 1-mile marker on the path I’m jogging along the river trail.

Movement isn’t necessarily indicative of growth—neither material or spiritual. We can back-peddle till our arms hang heavy. We can skate the figure eight of the karmic loop until we are dizzy, but growth only happens when friction ignites the light within and sprouts a seed of change.

Every seed needs heat to grow—even the metaphorical ones. Motion creates heat and our minds are motion-creating machines. Thoughts, impressions, emotions and visions all stoke the internal furnace.

Scientifically speaking, molecules vibrate at a higher rate and expand when heat energy is added to them. Heat equals expansion in more than the physical sphere. Heat motion births our dreams exponentially. In other words, all my fresh, new adventures require movement—and movement begins with thought.

Our thoughts are fluid, moving and adapting to various stimuli. Our minds create intent and our bodies respond. Mental movement; therefore, such as writing or reading or chatting with a friend is as powerful as a jetting across country or bungee jumping from a bridge. Thinking and talking and writing about our wishes keep the coals of desire aflame. This heat allows us to mold our dreams into any shape we want.

So, am I ever still? Sure, there’s comfort in stillness too, but constant stillness would suffocate the spark of creativity burning inside. Breathing in the stillness of morning over a cinnamon-laced cup of coffee, soothes my spirit and rejuvenates my appreciation for a sweaty weight-lifting session or belly-dancing class.

When I’m warm, I’m happy. Sometimes that’s when I’m basking under a shade tree and reading a book. Sometimes that’s when I’m jaunting from one book signing to the next with a book I spent years writing. Regardless, I’m expanding into unknown territory and this amusement ride is worth the wait—a wait spent in stillness, of course.


By Michelle Zirkle


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