To the awesome doctors

Brenda Lamblin

Dear Editor,

I would like to recognize a few awesome doctors on this day. First off, my family doctor; Dr. Jitendra Patel here in Portsmouth. He takes great care of my family. I would truly be lost without him and his staff. When we found out I had cancer in 2015, he sent me to James Cancer Center in Columbus to Dr. Amit Agrawal MD. He was awesome too. He then recommended me to my awesome endocrinologist Dr. Jennifer Sipos at the Martha Morehouse Medical Center in Columbus. I would recommend anyone of these doctors as I trust them all with my life. Another awesome doctor is my Dermatologist, doctor Matthew Zirwas in Bexley, Ohio. He has healed my hands and continues to be there for me anytime I need him. As an appreciative patient — I thank you all.

Brenda Lamblin


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