Clearing the table this Thanksgiving

By Portia Williams -

Portia Williams Staff Writer

I simply love the Thanksgiving holiday, and the amazing memories that this wonderful holiday can create. I can remember being a little child, hopping into the car with my parents and siblings, departing from Columbus, Ohio to where else, “Grandma’s house” in my hometown of Portsmouth, Ohio. I would be oozing with excitement, my dad couldn’t park the car fast enough, so that I could run through the doors of 1210 Eleventh Street, the home of my beloved gran, the late Margaret (Desmore) Hamilton. I can recall all of the warmth of family, the laughter, the tears of joy from seeing family members that you hadn’t seen in a very long time, or since the last Thanksgiving, oh and don’t forget the tantalizing meal.

Now, in 2016, with only days until Thanksgiving, I marvel at just how much things have changed. Just looking back at 2015, not only in my own family, but in talking with other people, they say their family just does not gather like they used to. With each passing year, relatives, and friends and people in general pass away. Sadly in some families, unresolved conflict causes marriages come to an end, and families become divided. In other cases, family members just don’t care like they used to, and do not take that the time to adjoin themselves with their family. I suspect there are numerous reasons that dictate to the reasons why families don’t come together as they used to, but I have one charge to you my friend. If you are truly thankful to God for you family, then the best way to express that love is with your presence. If there is a family member or members that you have unresolved conflict with, if you cannot visit them, then give them a call, or message them on Facebook, or Twitter, or email them or do something to make contact with them. If you do not realize it my friend, life is short. Succinctly, we do not know exactly how much time we have to be here. Family is important, and quite frankly, besides a relationship with God, family is the next most important thing in a person’s life.

I can remember when a dear cousin of mine passed away a few years ago. It hurts my heart so much to recapture the scene of him lying there in the hospital, deceased. I was able to lean over and give him a kiss, with a clear conscious. I had no regrets. I loved him. I respected him, and did everything that I could as a family member to show my love for him while he lived. Again, I say that life is short. So this Thanksgiving my friend, let’s exude true hearts of gratitude to God, by taking the time to connect and reconnect with family, and making the very best of the time that we have together while we have blood running warm in our veins. Happy Thanksgiving my friends!

Portia Williams Staff Writer Williams Staff Writer

By Portia Williams

Reach Portia Williams at 740-464-3862, or on Twitter @PortiaWillPDT.

Reach Portia Williams at 740-464-3862, or on Twitter @PortiaWillPDT.