Here’s what happened on Election Day

How to reject the establishment and learn to love the election

By Frank Lewis -


Y’know what I have heard over and over the last couple of days? “What happened?” People have not figured out what happened in the presidential election. I thought it must be time to give them an answer and here it is: people voted.

This campaign and this election are like no others before, but are, in many ways, a new standard for elections. The current administration wanted us to be more like Europe – welcome to the new European style political scene. This was not about Republicans or Democrats except in the negative sense.

The Democrats sabotaged the campaign of Bernie Sanders to have a coronation of Hillary Clinton, the heir apparent, and it didn’t happen. The Republicans fought against the man the voters chose, and it didn’t happen. If you factor in those two things you can come to only one conclusion: The two parties are now officially irrelevant.

The Republicans did not elect Donald Trump- the American voter did. He is not beholden to the Republican Party. He is only beholden to the American citizen. That should make party officials tremble. Both parties are operated as machines, and as of Tuesday night, or Wednesday morning, both machines have come to a screeching halt.

Since the Democratic Party has gone so far to the left, there are no centralists left on the political scene. If that doesn’t change – they will not elect a president in the next election either. How could they even think of sending a Washington establishment candidate to a change election?

Since the Republican Party has not come up with anyone among the old line party structure that sparks an interest by the man and woman in the street, they too will not elect a president in the next election.

If it helps any of those people to know they still have hope, you can bet if the voting block Trump formed ever becomes a political party, it too will eventually become irrelevant.

If you haven’t noticed, the national news media is basically not made up of journalists though that is what they call themselves. It is made up of people with agendas – get this person elected – get this person defeated. Truth is not even a component. They worked tirelessly to help one win and one lose and in the end – they lost. The voters paid no attention to them. They too are irrelevant. I heard Chris Matthews say late Tuesday night – “there is still a way we can win,” We?

Unless colleges stop teaching partisan politics as journalism, they will cease to have a reason to exist.

In short, people are tired of listening to talking heads on non-journalistic so-called “news channels.” They don’t care if some pop singer endorses someone or hates someone. They don’t care what some multi-millionaire athlete thinks about the social issues in this country – so if the controlled national news media continues to give them time to talk, less and less productive Americans will tune them in. It’s just that simple. By the way, I’m volunteering to help those overrated movie stars move to Canada. I am also suggesting they take their multi-million mansions and let the homeless move in, after all – they really care, don’t they?

So in answer to the question – what happened? The silent majority of Americans voted. That group includes people from voting blocks, who rebelled against those who have taken them for granted. I am proud of these people. I would be embarrassed to be taken for granted and told – “because you are a part of this group or that group, you have to vote this way or that way.” I think that is changing – it turns out Americans are a lot smarter than the old establishment parties and if those parties don’t reevaluate their platforms – they will no longer be players in the great American election system.

How to reject the establishment and learn to love the election

By Frank Lewis

Reach Frank Lewis at 740-353-3101, ext. 1928, or on Twitter @franklewis.

Reach Frank Lewis at 740-353-3101, ext. 1928, or on Twitter @franklewis.


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