Let the ”thanks” continue

By Portia Williams - portiawilliams@civitasmedia.com

Portia Williams Staff Writer

The Thanksgiving holiday has passed. One of the great things that I like about it are all of the discussions of just how thankful people are for the blessings in their lives. During this time there are many expressions of thankfulness to God for family, friends, and life itself. I consider this not only wonderful, but also wise, based upon a scripture found in the Bible in the book of James 1:17 which states: Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. Who is the ‘Father of the heavenly lights?’ None other than God himself. Would you agree that family and friends, and life itself is a gift from God? Well, quite frankly, even if you do not, due to various challenges and circumstances which we all encounter at one time or another in all relationships, family, friends, and life are truly gifts from God because the Bible says so. So now it is two days after Thanksgiving. We have eaten the tantalizing turkey and dressing and so forth, possibly have gone back to our respective homes, and hopefully have some precious memories of laughter and good times to store up in our memory banks. I want to encourage you to let the “thanks” continue. Perhaps your Thanksgiving was not a pleasant experience, and you were not able to spend time with family as you desired, but if you are reading this column today you have something to be thankful to God for. What? Well, let’s start with life. If you are reading this column today, then you are alive! Yes, God has once again sustained life in your body, and has allowed you to see another day! You should give him thanks for that. Next is your vision. If you are able to read this column today, whether online or in print then you have something to be thankful for, you can see. So praise the Lord, and give him thanks! Also, God has also blessed you with the cognition and mental capacity of your brain to be able to think and reason, that in and of itself is a blessing. So let your “thanks” continue, because every day, every second, and every minute there is something that you can be thankful to God for. Even life’s difficulties and the personal struggles that sometimes seem to slap us in the face can teach us something, therefore invoking gratitude to God. If we are willing to adhere to what the Holy Spirit wants us to learn from adversity, then spiritual and personal growth is the result, then we can become the person that God intended for us to be when he created us. Remember, as the scripture states, every good and perfect gift comes from God, who loves you, and always has your best interest at heart. Also, the latter portion of the scripture says God does not change as shifting shadows. Succinctly, God’s character, power and sovereignty are everlasting, and he loves you so much that he is always providing good gifts to bless your life, which means that we always have something to give him thanks for, and not just around Thanksgiving. So let us continue to give God thanks.

Portia Williams Staff Writer
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By Portia Williams


Reach Portia Williams at 740-464-3862, or on Twitter @PortiaWillPDT.

Reach Portia Williams at 740-464-3862, or on Twitter @PortiaWillPDT.


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