Road Report

Darren C. LeBrun, P.E., P.S., Scioto County Engineer, announced the work schedule for the week September 4, 2017 through September 8, 2017 for the Engineer’s Department.



Big Bear Creek Road (CR32) in Morgan and Rarden Townships on Tuesday, September 5th.

Big Run Road (CR136) in Morgan Township on Wednesday, September 6th.

Shepherd Fork Road (CR145) in Washington Township on Thursday, September 7th.

Traffic will be maintained with the use of flaggers.


Flatwood – Fallen Timber Road in Jefferson Township.

Millers Run – Fallen Timber Road in Jefferson, Madison and Valley Townships.

Cockrells Run Road in Valley Township.

Feurt Hill Road and Rosemount Road in Clay Township.

Woods Ridge Road in Clay and Harrison Townships.



Flatwood – Fallen Timber Road (CR184) in Jefferson Township at the 0.56 to 1.03 mile markers continues to be closed through Friday, December 1st, 2017. Portsmouth Joint Venture is excavating road embankment for construction of State Route 823 and constructing a bridge.

Blue Run Road (CR29) in Jefferson Township continues to have flagging operations as needed through Saturday, September 16th. Portsmouth Joint Venture is utilizing intermittent flagging operations as needed to allow for truck ingress and egress to the job site for #304 stone sub base material delivery. The location of the flagging will be near the intersection of Blue Run Road and Flowers – Ison Road (TR381). This will allow for safe travel along Blue Run Road and avoid concerns with limited sight distance at the construction entrance.

Fairground Road (CR55) in Valley Township continues to have flagging operations through Monday, September 11th. Portsmouth Joint Venture is utilizing flagging on an as-needed basis in order to complete concrete finishing details and sealing of bridges 15, 16 and 17. The location of the operation is between Thomas Hollow Road (TR158) and Millers Run – Fallen Timber Road (CR26).

Please call the Engineer’s office with any questions or concerns (740-259-5541) or you can visit us on the web at


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