Minford’s Leadership Alliance donates $490 to Hospice

Ciara Conley - cwilliams@civitasmedia.com

Minford Middle School’s Leadership Alliance and Jason Coriell from SOMC’s Hospice Center.

The Leadership Alliance of Minford Middle School decided to take their service beyond the walls of their school and into the community.

The Leadership Alliance was founded two years ago, under the direction of teachers, Jill McFadden, Tara Byrd, and Josh Matiz.

Students in grades 7th and 8th can apply for the Leadership Alliance, they are evaluated by their teachers and school personnel on a number of criteria, and students who meet the score are selected to participate. This year, the program has 50 students.

“Members vow to demonstrate certain qualities on a daily basis in order to enhance leadership and build a school community of valued individuals. They stand up for others, speak and treat others respectfully, and they just try to be positive role models for other students. Many of their projects are under the radar, they don’t do anything to ‘get credit,’ for it,” said Advisor Tara Byrd.

In their efforts to assist Southern Ohio Medical Center’s Hospice program, the Leadership Alliance launched their “Hoops for Hospice” fundraiser.

“They wanted to a community outreach program, and they were coming up with ideas of where they would like to donate money. A few kids have had personal experiences with Hospice, and they suggested the money go towards them because they had once helped the students and their families,” said Advisor McFadden.

Students in grades 6-8 were invited to participate. Students had the opportunity to make a donation and take time off from their school work to play basketball and other games.

“When I was in the 4th grade my papaw passed away in Hospice, and I know they took great care of him, being able to do this shows that our school cares about things other than academics” said Alliance member Katie Rigsby.

Altogether, the Leadership Alliance raised $490 in donations.

Jason Coriell accepted the donation on behalf of the Hospice Care Center.

“I’m very impressed that the kids chose Hospice, for them to choose us, it’s exceptional. I’m thrilled to be a part of this, not only on behalf of Hospice, but on behalf of the patients as well,” said Coriell. “Outside of the care that Hospice patients receive, there are situations that families face. Having a major illness is expensive. Sometimes they need things that go beyond the program itself. That’s how this money will be used, to provide something important, some need, this is going to be well-used. We can’t thankt the students enough, I hope they have a warm feeling in their hearts because this is such a good thing that they’ve done.”

Minford Middle School’s Leadership Alliance and Jason Coriell from SOMC’s Hospice Center.
http://portsmouth-dailytimes.aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/28/2016/04/web1_Leadership-Alliance.jpgMinford Middle School’s Leadership Alliance and Jason Coriell from SOMC’s Hospice Center.

Ciara Conley