Glenwood High School 2015 Scholarships

Glenwood High School held its Award Assembly on May 15, 2015. The following seniors were awarded scholarships for the 2014-2015 academic year:

Leah Adkins – SSU Glenwood Scholarship, UPS George D. Smith Scholarship, Don Hickman Scholarship, Western Sun Lodge Scholarship, UCAN scholarship.

Taylor Baldridge – New Boston Alumni Merit Scholarship, UCAN Scholarship, Adkins Family Scholarship

Mollie Irwin – SSU Glenwood Scholarship.

Erin Johnson – SSU Glenwood Scholarship, New Boston Alumni Merit Scholarship, SSU Professor’s Scholarship, UCAN Scholarship, SSU Vern Riffe Scholarship.

McKensey Lawless – SSU President’s Scholarship, New Boston Alumni Merit Scholarship, UCAN Scholarship, SSU Roger and Mary Nel Padron Scholarship, Red and White Youth Scholarship.

Marcus McGlone – UCAN Scholarship.

Dustin Pack – SSU Glenwood Scholarship.

Cody Poole – D. J. Parlin Scholarship, New Boston Alumni Merit Scholarship, Rocky Edward Dunkin Soccer Scholarship, Ohio Association of Local School Superintendents, New Boston Kiwanis Scholarship, UCAN Scholarship, Schwable Textbook Scholarship, Richard A. Kindinger Scholarship, Rocky E. Dunkin Memorial Scholarship, Nan Hill Scholarship.

Kayla Reed – SSU Glenwood Scholarship, UCAN Scholarship.

Tyler Shonkwiler – D. J. Parlin Scholarship.

Mariah Speas – New Boston Alumni Merit Scholarship, Richard and Betty Dihl Scholarship, IBEW Local 575 Gordon Freeman Scholarship, UCAN Scholarship, Medical Mutual Scholarship, Paul Penix Scholarship.

Erica Thomas – SSU Glenwood Scholarship, SSU Professor’s Scholarship, Rotary Club Scholarship, UCAN Scholarship, Estalene Rickey Scholarship.

Source: New Boston School


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