Hepatitis A exposure warned

Vaccinations recommended

The Portsmouth City Health Department is asking anyone who may have eaten at Texas Roadhouse in Ashland, Ky., between March 20 and April 12 to receive the Hepatitis A vaccine as a prevention to developing disease.

A restaurant worker diagnosed with Hep A at Texas Roadhouse only prepared fried foods cooked above 185 degrees, and because of this, the risk of getting Hep A is low.

Individuals can receive the vaccine from their primary care doctor or pediatrician and local pharmacies. Individuals should contact their local pharmacy beforehand to check on vaccine availability and insurance requirements. The vaccine can also be given at the Scioto County Health Department, located in the Scioto County Courthouse. Call 740-355-8362. Walk-ins are welcome for receiving the vaccine, and are available for adults and children for private purchase or via insurance.

Vaccinations recommended