A Walk through the Scioto County Fair

By Kimberly Jenkins - kjenkins@aimmediamidwest.com

Zoey McGlone & Dozer dressed as “Sophie & Clover” for the pet show.

Zoey McGlone & Dozer dressed as “Sophie & Clover” for the pet show.

Makayla Wheeler and others showing their rabbits.

Get your walking shoes ready, load up the car and don’t miss out on the many fabulous and interesting things at the Scioto County Fair this week.

Why do you come to the fair, and/or what is your favorite thing to do while there?

Today’s walk at the fair started with Makayla Wheeler from the ‘We Be Swine 4H club’, showing a rabbit in the new rabbit barn. She walked away with two awards for her silver fox rabbit (which happened to be a black rabbit), she claimed 1st prize in her breed and 1st prize in her class.

Wheeler said it is not too difficult to prepare a rabbit for its show, you just feed and water it. Wheeler said she had shown pigs before this year and just did a rabbit this time. When asked what she’d show next year, it was a definite, “Pigs.”

Zoey Claire McGlone, from South Webster was beautifully dressed up in her lavender princess costume along with her dog Dozer, who was wearing his lavender bandana and ears, both preparing for Tuesday’s pet show. McGlone is only 3 years old and she herself, explained that she was playing “Sophia” and her dog was “Clover” for the show. Her mother, Raquel said that Zoey was trying to say she would soon turn four. She was over the moon with excitement for the show. The pet show is for ages 2-12, allowing room for many to compete.

Emma, Olivia, and Zach Fleenor from the Dreams of Tomorrow 4H club, were found sitting in the barn near the goats and lambs. Emma and Olivia said that they had to compete against each other for their lambs. Emma is the oldest sister and Olivia is her younger sister. Their younger brother, Zach, who is showing a goat, said his favorite part of the fair was when his animal gets on the truck, his mother explained that his goat was quite a handful and already escaped his cage soon as they brought him for the week, and was an escape artist at home also. Olivia claimed the rides were her favorite part and finally Emma chimed in, that seeing her friends and spending time with them was her favorite thing to do at the fair.

Along the way, there was a special little group of residents from the Crystal Care Centers in Portsmouth and Franklin Furnace, all, were eating a variety of the great food around the fair. Speaking with one of the caretakers Valerie, she said that what they liked most about the fair, of course is they like to eat all the tasty food, they like to stroll through the buildings, but that some of them, even like to ride the rides. All were quiet while they were enjoying their lunch. Valerie said they bring an attendant per resident, as most of the residents they bring, are in wheelchairs and they had brought about 15 with them to the fair. It was noticeable that they all seemed to be having a good time at the fair today.

Caught up with a young man at the taco stand, his name is Landon Boston and discovered that he will be in the 6th grade. When asked, “Why do you come to the fair?” He said,” I have an animal here and I think it is a really fun time! I play with my friends and ride rides. And, I have to feed and water my pig.”

Soon after that, there was the sweetest little girl, sitting with her mother and grandmother on a bench between the kiddie rides. And, when asked what she liked at the fair, she quickly piped in, that she loves to ride the cars, this being the ride that they were sitting near. Her name is Mya Williams, she is four years old and when asked where she was from, she said that she was from her family! Her mother said that they were from West Portsmouth.

It appears that people from all walks of life, all ages from 0-their 90’s, and people from all around the area, all have a reason to come to the fair, and most have a favorite thing they like to do while there. For many, it is the variety of foods , whether they are in the food buildings or the outside booths, the arduous smells hit one as soon as they hit the entrance. There are tacos, corn dogs, french fries, noodles, potatoes, meat loaf and steak and one can’t forget to sample the many things to fill one’s sweet tooth. There is the usual cotton candy, funnel cakes, carmel or other flavored apples on a stick, then add in ice cream, snow cones, and homemade pies sold in the buildings. Continuing walking throughout the fair, all of a sudden, there came a clown with a lady clown walking down the main walkways. Some folks like to walk through the building and possibly get some free stuff. Others, might prefer walking to see all the kids and their animals, and then some folks might just be there to see and talk to people and then, some might prefer to just sit and watch all the events and things the fair offers. Walking around the Scioto County Fair, is one of the most fun things to do while there. One doesn’t want to miss a thing, so keeping eyes open and nose smelling, and one never knows what is the next thing to do or see will come around the corner.

Zoey McGlone & Dozer dressed as “Sophie & Clover” for the pet show.
http://portsmouth-dailytimes.aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/28/2017/08/web1_Zoey.jpgZoey McGlone & Dozer dressed as “Sophie & Clover” for the pet show.

Makayla Wheeler and others showing their rabbits.
http://portsmouth-dailytimes.aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/28/2017/08/web1_makayla.jpgMakayla Wheeler and others showing their rabbits.

By Kimberly Jenkins


Reach: Kimberly Jenkins 740-353-3101 ext. 1928

Reach: Kimberly Jenkins 740-353-3101 ext. 1928