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By Kimberly Jenkins - kjenkins@aimmediamidwest.com

Sisters compete together: Teegan and Danica Clarkson

Sisters compete together: Teegan and Danica Clarkson

Brooke Ferguson, Grand Champion Poultry 2017

Black clouds, sprinkles of rain and a little chill of wind could not stop people from coming to the Scioto County Fair on opening day.

The 2017 Poltry Show opened, along with the fair, Monday morning. Entering through the first entrance of the fair, there was a stream of white that distinguished the group of 4H kids ready to compete, all adorned in their best whites for the main show.

One could also hear the hustle and bustle of noise and movement as the chickens were all washed, brushed, fluffed and prepared for the show. Monday’s Poultry show was especially important and special because it was the first one held in the new poultry and rabbit barn, and folks were pleased with their animals’ new homes for the fair.

Competing were little ones in elementary school and then the older kids in high school, all there ready and wanting to win the Grand Champion of Poultry. People were coming and going and the judge, Bob John, continued on with his work by checking each chicken in the groups; feeling and looking for what he judges is the best for the day. As he finished judging, he allowed anyone who wanted to, to come up and see what he was looking and feeling for in the chickens. Several people walked up and did just that.

The day’s Grand Champion Poultry belonged to 17-year-old Brooke Ferguson from the Otway Outlaws 4-H group. Ferguson, dawning blonde pigtails and clad in her white shirt, jeans, and boots, wore a broad smile as her name and chicken were proclaimed as the overall Grand Champion. When asked, how she felt, after the win, she was very proud of her chicken and her win. She said that next year will be her last, making this win so much more important for her.

The Reserve Grand Champion Poultry belonged to Teegan Clarkson, a freshman from the Country Circus 4-H group. The interesting part of Clarkson’s win, is that she had to compete with her little sister Danica Clarkson. The two had to first win 1st place in their classes to get to stand side by side, as the judge decided which sister might win overall Reserve chicken.

After Danica was announced as 3rd overall, she shed a few tears and her big sister reached over and gave her a big hug, a gesture noticed by the crowd. Then, the judge announced Teegan as the Reserve Champion winner and the girls were both happy. Danica said that she was nervous, especially having to stand beside her big sister. On the other hand, Teegan said she would have died if her little sister would have beaten her, but she thought as she stood there, that she was going to do just that.

Both girls were all smiles, as their parents and others took photos and it was apparent there was no strife between the sisters, just smiles for sharing this moment and proud that both came out winners. Teegan soon had to compete again in Showmanship and, she again, came out a winner claiming 1st place in Showmanship. The Clarkson’s have plenty to be proud of with their girls.

The Poultry barn soon became a bustle of activity, as the 4Hers had to put the chickens away and clean up from the day’s festivities. This, is what many adults have spoken about, how working with an animal at the Scioto County Fair is not just for fun, but it teaches the kids responsibility and great work ethic. They cannot just put the animals in their cages and walk away, they are responsible for their care for the entire week, plus the work and care that they have given before the fair. The Shows are just the culmination of the work and effort each and every participant have to put in their animials.

The Scioto County Fair has so much to offer kids of all ages from rides, food, booths, friends, and fun. Plus, many come for the 4H animal shows, just part of what people come here to see and do each and every year. It looks like 2017’s weather is suppose to be nice and cool, hopefully, not rainy like it was the first day. Even that kind of weather, cannot keep people from attending and enjoying what the fair has to offer for each and everyone.

Sisters compete together: Teegan and Danica Clarkson
http://portsmouth-dailytimes.aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/28/2017/08/web1_Clarkson-1.jpgSisters compete together: Teegan and Danica Clarkson

Brooke Ferguson, Grand Champion Poultry 2017
http://portsmouth-dailytimes.aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/28/2017/08/web1_Brooke-1.jpgBrooke Ferguson, Grand Champion Poultry 2017

By Kimberly Jenkins


Reach Kimberly Jenkins at 740-353-3101, ext 1928.

Reach Kimberly Jenkins at 740-353-3101, ext 1928.