100 years of commitment

Kelsi Holstein - PDT Contributor

The Red Cross held a blood drive Tuesday in honor of it’s 100 years of caring.

The Ohio River Valley, American Red Cross has been making a difference in the community for 100 years. In honor of the milestone, the Red Cross and Church Women United hosted a blood drive Tuesday.

“I think the community counts on the red cross to be there for them. We’ve been there for the last 100 and we’re looking forward to the next 100 years too,” Community Executive, Debbie Smith said. “So not only are we saving lives by conducting these blood drives today, there’s really a lot we’re doing in the community.”

The Red Cross set a goal of having more than 100 people give blood, with the potential of saving more than 300 lives.

“I think it really means a lot to the community because we’ve been able to help people in so many ways whether they’re affected by an ice storm, tornado, flooding, home fires, we’ve been here for the past 100 years,” Smith said.

The blood given at local blood drives helps those who need blood in the area.

“In most cases a lot of our blood does stay local, but sometimes there may be an urgent need elsewhere,” Smith said.

Shelby Powell has been organizing blood drives with Church Women United on the last Tuesday of every month.

“We started in October after 9/11 and we started at First Presbyterian Church. We’ve only missed one, last Tuesday of the month in all of this time, because of the weather,” Powell said.

The Red Cross is doing more than just collecting blood, one of their other programs provides free fire detectors and installs them in homes. To have fire detectors installed free of charge, call the Red Cross.

The Red Cross will be having more events to celebrate their 100th anniversary. August 17, they will be hosting an open house and a VIP Reception.

The Red Cross held a blood drive Tuesday in honor of it’s 100 years of caring.
http://portsmouth-dailytimes.aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/28/2017/07/web1_IMG_20170.jpgThe Red Cross held a blood drive Tuesday in honor of it’s 100 years of caring.

Kelsi Holstein

PDT Contributor


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