Goodies for our good and brave

Staff Report

The staff of the Portsmouth City Police Department (PPD) was honored by the Scioto Valley Volunteers (SVV) Chapter, United States Daughters of the War of 1812 , Ohio Society, on Monday, April 3rd. On behalf of the SVV members, President Beth Normand, expressed gratitude and appreciation for the vital services provided by the staff of the PPD. Chief Robert Ware was on hand to accept a “Certificate of Honor and Appreciation” presented by President Normand for the SVV.

The Portsmouth Police Department was the third recipient of the “Goodies for our Good and Brave” campaign. According to Normand, the purpose of which was initiated by the SVV to recognize the critical service of our local communities’ law enforcement/first responders organizations. SVV members Robyn Preston (Committee Chairman), Mary Stewart and Naomi Shewman coordinated the luncheon event.

Staff Report


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