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Patricia Parker and Ryanne Parker

1. Names: Patricia Parker and Ryanne Parker

2. Job title & company: Pat is First Lady at Pleasant Green Baptist Church, special events person and sings with the Praise, Drama and Dance teams, Ryanne is a Teacher’s Aide at Highland Head Start.

3. What is your fondest cooking memory?_We love to create new recipes and meals together. I also remember the first time I fixed homemade biscuits and my family nicknamed them briquettes.

4. How long have your lived/worked in the community? We have lived here 27 years.

5. What is your favorite food? Salmon and dark chocolate, not necessarily in that order, are Pat’s favorite foods.

6. What or who inspires you to do good, and why? __Our church motto is “We Love, We Care, We Share”. Remembering to do all those things inspires us everyday.

7. Why did you want to be a part of the celebrity chef dinner? _We love to give back to our community and the children of our future. What a wonderful way to do so!

8. Do you know what appetizer you will be making and if so, what is it? _We will be making all American Carmel Apple Monkey Bread.

Patricia Parker and Ryanne Parker
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Staff Report


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