Raid story debunked by sheriff

Pike County Sheriff Charles Reader debunks news story

Frank Lewis -

The Pike County sheriff said Tuesday that a Cincinnati television news outlet erroneously reported the presence of law enforcement at a warehouse in Pike County had something to do with the Rhoden murders, calling the retrieving of records “collecting boxes of what appeared to be evidence.”

Pike County Sheriff Charles Reader told the Daily Times the action did not involve the Rhoden murders but instead involved action taken on behalf of Pike County and Franklin County courts in a civil case.

“I received a Writ of Possession for personal property in a civil case from Lori D. Meyers, ETAL versus Hadsell Chemical Processing in Waverly, Ohio,” Reader said. “I got a Writ of Possession for personal property which ordered me to go to that place and to levy upon and tag the goods in this Order of Execution to satisfy payment of the plaintiff’s judgment against the defendant, Hadsell Chemical Processing, LLC, Relevant Compounding, LLC and Robert W. Walton, Jr. debtors for comp3ensatory damages pursuant to the terms of the Judgment Entry against the defendants.”

Reader said he and his staff went to the business and served the Writ of Execution to Don Hadsell, then tagged all the machinery and equipment; all the inventory; all the vehicles, trailers and trucks that belong to “that person.”

Reader went on to say he tagged – “All the office furniture, desks, conference tables, related furniture, copiers, computer systems, laptops, software and printers. We also took in our possession any and all of the assets of the debtors whatsoever including, but not limited to any cash, business records, whether it was kept electronically or paper, filing cabinets and all other assets whatsoever.”

Reader said, being that the building was so large, and had so many things in it, the items were tagged and taped off.

“Mr. Hadsell was advised of what the Writ was all about,” Reader said. “The things that we could take in our possession were the business records, laptops, any computers, and so forth and we’re safely keeping them by the order of a judge from Franklin County (Ohio) that then sent it to Pike (County) for me to execute this Writ of Possession for personal property.”

He said an inventory of what was tagged will go back to the court.

Reader said he is disturbed by a news outlet reporting something that had nothing to do with the activity by law enforcement.

“It has absolutely nothing to do with the Rhoden homicides,” Reader said. “It had absolutely nothing to do with the security of the building. I had over 15 deputies there and my administrative clerk assisting in the tagging of the property and the inventory being completed, so that today we could return it to the courts served – nothing more, nothing less. It was absolutely not a search warrant. It was not a criminal investigation. No one was arrested. No property as far as the Rhoden homicide was, in any way, the integrity of it misplaced, changed, anything and the only people that were in the building was law enforcement, two employees. That’s that.”

Reader said he knew the reporter was at the scene and he was unable to talk to the reporter because he was busy.

“I indicated to him that it did not concern the Rhoden case and that I had no further comment because we were extremely busy in executing the Writ of Possession for personal property. That’s that. There’s nothing more to it,” Reader said.

Pike County Sheriff Charles Reader debunks news story

Frank Lewis

Reach Frank Lewis at 740-353-3101, ext. 1928, or on Twitter @franklewis.

Reach Frank Lewis at 740-353-3101, ext. 1928, or on Twitter @franklewis.


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