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The Student Of The Month for April 2017 at Wings Of Healing Worship Center is being awarded to Chris Ingles. Chris is 17 years old, and is a senior at the Scioto County Career and Technical Center. At school he is in Business

Professionals Of America and has placed 2nd in Regionals two years in a row.

He enjors playing music, art, and game making, and says his special talent is playing the piano. He likes English in school, the color green, steak, and Reese Cups. His favorite quote is, “When life gets too hard to stand, kneel.”

Chris loves the Bible, and especially Philippeans 4:13, because it tells him that we can do anything with God. He is a member of The Army Of God Drama Team at church. When asked who he most admired, Chris answered, “Pastors, youth pastors, and parents, because they have all guided me in the right direction.”

His desire is to continue preaching because he says, “I feel God calling me, and it’s my duty to respnd.”

“Chris is constantly reaching for higher heights in God and has dedicated himself to the work of the Lord. He is becoming a great leader to the youth and an inspiration to the adults of Wings Of Healing. He ministers with a great zeal and an understanding beyond his years” – Pastor Chuck and Sis. Amanda Holsinger.

“I’m very proud of how Chis has stepped up and is working for the Lord. He does a famtastic job playing the piano during worship, signing on the drama team and helping out with whatever he is called on to do. I’m looking forward to seeing how God will continue to use him” -Dunia Mershon, Sunday School Coordinator.

“When I first met Christopher Ingles, I felt he was a common youth, the boy next door you might say. However, over the last couple of years I have watched this youth become a man of God. From the time he received the Holy Ghost he began to grow in leaps and bounds. He has become a fine musician/singer and a faithful messenger of God. I am excited as I continue to spend time with him and watch him grow in Christ Jesus. His dedication to God, his church, and his family is evident in his daily walk. His light shines and is bright before him. His thoughts are seldom of himself but for those around him. Chris is a deserved winner of the Student Of The Month. Congratulations Chris,” – Scott Green, Sunday School Teacher.

“There is so much I can say about Chris. He has a huge heart, he is very kind, he is willing to help anytime he is asked, I could go on. But what I love most about Chris is his love and dedication for God. I love his dedication to the drama team. He spends sometimes hours at a time just to learn a new song. I love to listen when he ministers. I can see amazing growth in him the past few months. He is really stepping out of his comfort zone. I am so very proud of him. I feel God has great things in store for you Chris. Keep on the right path and always put God first in all you do,”- Jessica Ingles, Drama Team Leader.


Staff Report


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