I’m doing pretty good today

By Dr. James Spinnati


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Dear Lord, so far today I’ve done all right. It seems as if things are getting better. I haven’t gossiped or kicked the dog. Hey, give me credit; I have even stayed off the phone. I haven’t lost my temper or yelled at my spouse or children. I haven’t been greedy, no not one little bit! In fact I haven’t even looked in my billfold today to see how much I had or thought about how I could make more. I haven’t been grumpy either and I haven’t treated my fellow workers with contempt. Neither have I been nasty, in fact I’d say I’ve been pretty good so far today. Come to think about it I haven’t been selfish to one single person or over indulgent either. I haven’t over eaten and I’m really glad about that. But there is one problem that I am facing; in a few minutes I’m going to get out of bed and from then on I’m probably going to need a whole lot more help!

Does that sound familiar? Is that you waking up every morning not knowing if you are going to make it another day? Do you wake up wondering if the devil has a bead on you as he aims for a “shot” at one of God’s children? Do you ever wonder if you are going to be a light for Jesus in this dark world or a stumbling block to those you meet on your daily trek? Remember that your faith, love, and hope are only able to produce fruit because, first of all, God has chosen you to be his child. Never forget that it is God’s grace that is the foundation of your works of faith, labors of love, and your patience in hope. Moreover, the faith, love, and hope which mark your life are themselves evidence that God has, in fact, chosen you!

Today as you go about your daily “business” remember that you are to be a light for Jesus. You may be the only Jesus that people might see today. Therefore shine your light brightly. But never forget that those who see you are to see the light and not the candlestick. And the next time you recognize spiritual productivity in your life, remember that it was only possible because God first chose you and enabled you to serve him. Remembering this will make you thank Him for His grace, and it will help you to direct all the glory to the one who made your success possible in the first place. Then and only then; you will be able to get out of bed knowing that you CAN make a difference and that the Lord is always with you ready to lift you up!

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By Dr. James Spinnati


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