Dinner on the Bridge draws crowd from all over

By Portia Williams

June 23, 2014

By Portia Williams


SOUTH SHORE, Ky. — With lights and decorated table tops, the Bennetts Mill Covered Bridge on Rt. 7 in South Shore was transformed into a welcoming dining area on Saturday during the annual Dinner on the Bridge event.

Dinner on the Bridge is hosted by the Covered Bridge Historical Society, and is a unique combination of dinner and outdoors dining, where dinner is literally served on the Bennetts Mill Covered Bridge.

Fran Roberts, a member of the Covered Bridge Historical Society, said they experienced another successful year.

“Dinner on the Bridge was a wonderful annual event. The smoked meat and sides were especially good, thanks to Kim Frasure and Ken McNutt. The band kept us dancing in the street and the laughter of the crowd brought joy to my heart,” Roberts said.

She said the dinner attends came from multiple states.

“The crowd this year had come from other states, central and western Kentucky. Of course the local regulars bring a consistency that allows everyone to become a community on their historical bridge and celebrate its existence,” she said.

Well-known in the local area for its smoked meat. The dinner menu consisted of barbecued ribs, brisket, pulled pork, as well as homemade vegetable dishes and sides.

“Our meat is out of this world, even all of the side dishes as well. We have our own smoker and we smoke. We smoke the brisket for about 13 hours, and it is really moist. Everybody loves our food,” she said.

She said the Bennetts Mill Covered Bridge is a very important landmark to the South Shore community.

“This is their bridge. We had a flood here about three years ago, and it almost wiped out the bridge. It absolutely flooded the barn, and the bridge, and this was three weeks before the dinner. My neighbors all came in to help. People from Morehead came down and power-washed the bridge. The community owns that bridge in love. So, this is a community event. This bridge belongs to them,” she said.

Kay Harrod, food columnist for the State Journal, was in attendance as the Master Chef, and according to Roberts is an expert in dining.

“She comes up and helps us out. She does some of the cooking, but she is also the boss over everything in the kitchen,” she said.

The Dinner on the Bridge event also included wine-tasting, craft booths, live music, and carriage rides which many enjoyed.

“The carriage ride was so popular this year they kept the driver and the horse panting,” she said.

Roberts said the event reunites members of the community with one another.

“When you come to this event people are laughing and talking, and friends see friends, and they say this may be the one time that they see each other every year. There is such laughter and joy,” she said.

For more information regarding the annual Dinner on the Bridge event, contact Fran Roberts at 606-932-3636.

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