Dogs and a cause at Applebee’s

By Joseph Pratt

June 14, 2014

By Joseph Pratt


NEW BOSTON — June marks a month of fundraising for Sierra’s Haven for New and Used Pets, with most efforts being done at Applebee’s restaurant. Applebee’s held their scavenger hunt, with proceeds going towards Sierra’s Haven, Saturday, June 14. Customers grabbed their packets and spent hours hunting down specific images around the establishment’s property.

The event was planned and coordinated by a group effort of Applebee’s employees and Sierra’s Haven volunteers, but was headed by Sierra’s Haven President Linda Cottle.

The goal of the event was for fundraising and pet adoption. The shelter brought a selection of animals that are able to be adopted and Andrew Dodson was present to take photographs with the animals.

“We had people going all around the property-inside and out- looking for the clues and tracking down the scavenger hunt images,” Cottle said. “I was told it was a little challenging. I didn’t think it would be that hard, but I guess it is different when you’re the one going around and taking the pictures.”

For $5, customers registered for the scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt included a packet of clues with pictures and hints. The first person to find all locations would win a gift certificate to Applebee’s.

“I’m about halfway through,” Cheryl Kantz said, as she searched for clues during the scavenger hunt. “I think it is really fun, by coming in here you aren’t out in the hot weather. It is cool and nice here, with a fun way to spend the time.”

Kantz said that she has donated a lot to the shelter over the years and wants to see it succeed.

“I love Sierra’s,” Kantz said. “I have been involved with it for a while; I was probably one of the first volunteers they had.”

Applebee’s is also working with Sierra’s Haven to bring various opportunities outside of the scavenger hunt. Restaurant patrons have the option of donating a dollar and getting their name hung on a heart in the store. This is going on all month, with all proceeds going to Sierra’s Haven.

Applebee’s is also hosting a fundraiser called “Paws for Carside.” Every Monday and Tuesday from May 26 through June 24, the restaurant has promised to give 10 percent of all car side sales to the local shelter.

“We had a beautiful day at our Applebee’s event.” Cottle said. “A larger turnout is always wanted, but it was a good day with what we had. We raised a bit of money to be given away and things weren’t too bad.”

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