Courthouse maintenance staff address building issues

By Wayne Allen

April 9, 2014

By Wayne Allen


The maintenance staff of the Scioto County Courthouse began addressing a few issues with the building Wednesday. To help, a 135-foot lift was rented to reach the highest parts of the building.

In September of 2013, the Scioto County Commissioners applied for a $30,000 grant through the Ohio Historical Society to fix a portion of the courthouse that was considered a safety issue. Earlier in the year, the commissioners were informed they did not receive the grant and began looking at options to do the work themselves.

The issue the commissioners hoped to address was stone shards that have been falling from the edge of the courthouse onto the sidewalk.

“There is a ledge that about two feet wide in between the third and the fourth floor (of the courthouse), that was built with the building,” said Phil Lajoye, maintenance supervisor of the Scioto County Courthouse. “On the south (Sixth Street) side of the building (parts of the ledge) is chipping off. Because they used rubber roofing to seal the top of the ledge, they drilled holes in it and pounded anchors down in those holes.”

Lajoye said the sealant that was originally used has failed over the years.

“That (sealant failing has) allowed water to get in the holes, freeze and crack the rock. So we are using the lift to remove all of the loose pieces that are getting ready to fall,” LaJoy said.

LaJoy said the falling shards of concrete is a safety issue and is something the commissioners wanted addressed.

“While we are there we are going to reseal all of the anchors, this will not allow anymore water to get in there and freeze,” Lajoye said.

He said that work should fix the issue they are currently faced with.

One of the issues first addressed with the lift was the flagpoles on top of the courthouse.

“The colors are flying high again about the courthouse,” Lajoye said.

The flagpoles on top of the courthouse sit 140 feet from the street. While Lajoye was in the lift he restrung the poles on the Sixth and Seventh Street side of the building, so flags could fly again on top of the courthouse.

“We wanted to get the American colors up first,” Lajoye said.

The sealing work will be done around the building, and should be completed within a week.

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