Greenup superintendent retiring after 37 years

By Joseph Pratt

March 26, 2014

By Joseph Pratt


Greenup County Schools Superintendent Steve Hall recently declined an extension in his contract and is set to retire June 30, after a 37-year career in education.

Hall said that he has no definite plans for retirement, but will most likely find hobbies that give flexibility to his schedule. One hobby Hall said that he likes to entertain is motorcycle riding.

“I’m 59 and still have my health. When my career has ended and I step into retirement, I’d like to still be able to be healthy enough to enjoy things I like,” Hall said. “I want to be able to enjoy my kids. My daughter actually graduates from college soon, so it will hopefully give me time to travel to where they are located to visit and to be able to stay in their lives.”

Hall said that his successor will most likely face many challenges on the state level in upcoming years.

“The biggest issue my successor will have will be funding, both from a federal and state level. When we get unfunded mandates, things are very hard to adhere to. Since they don’t back up these initiatives with funding it is placed on the board and community,” explained Hall. “Every school’s forecast looks like tight budgeting, but all it really does is complicate things for taxpayers. The good news is that there has been a lot of positive momentum in Greenup County Schools and I hope the next leader recognizes these things and pushes them further.”

Hall speculates that they will spend the next 60 days looking for his replacement and his last 30 days will be spent ensuring a smooth transition between him and the new superintendent.

Hall spent many of his years as a Greenup Elementary School’s principal before be left to go to Ashland Schools. After his stay at Ashland, he returned to Greenup to uphold the superintendent position for six years.

“From the very first time I had the opportunity to work in Greenup, the people I’ve worked with in the school system and the community have all made me feel like family,” Hall said. “Everyone has accepted me and I was taken in by more experienced administrators who looked after me. I’ve really appreciated the Greenup area people.”

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