Fluor-B&W discusses community commitment plan

By Wayne Allen

March 1, 2014

By Wayne Allen


The leadership of Fluor-B&W Portsmouth have been meeting with the Scioto County Commissioners quarterly to update them on ongoing activities with the Decontamination and Decommissioning (D&D) of the former gaseous diffusion plant in Piketon. One of the topics of discussion on Tuesday was an update on Fluor B&W Portsmouth’s Community Commitment Plan.

According to its website (www.fbportsmouth.com), “Prior to developing our Community Commitment Plan, Fluor-B&W Portsmouth talked with regional leaders, assessed area assets, and reviewed existing studies and initiatives for the site. After consideration of community requests and socio-economic conditions in the Portsmouth area, we designed our Community Commitment Plan to contribute to the economic stabilization and growth of the four-county region of influence (Ross, Pike, Scioto, and Jackson counties) that is most impacted by site operations.

Fluor-B&W Portsmouth will invest 5 percent of our fee in the four-county region. We will use these funds to establish a Community Commitment Fund. Through this fund, we will target 80 percent to economic development and 20 percent to charitable giving initiatives that provide the greatest impact to the region. When combined with other contribution sources described in our estimated investment is $1.3M per year.”

Dennis Carr, Fluor-B&W site project director, said the company maintains a committment to the community.

“There are a lot of worthy causes in the region, we try to consider them all and give them all fair consideration,” he said.

Carr said under the economic development portion of their giving Fluor-B&W Portsmouth like to focus on initiatives.

“This is where people bring us small projects and we help the ones that meet our requirements. We’ve not been getting a lot of those, as a result we’ve been focusing our funding into the Joint Economic Development Initiative of Southern Ohio, they are furthering the economic development of the region,” Carr said. “We are trying to live up to our commitments and are trying to be a good member of the community.”

Carr said other giving includes the sites annual United Way Campaign, Relay For Life and presents for needy children at Christmas time.

For more information about Fluor-B&W Portsmouth and their community commitment plan visit www.fbportsmouth.com.

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