Search underway for Mrs. Scioto County

By Portia Williams

February 28, 2014

By Portia Williams


A search is underway for Mrs. Scioto County to advance and compete in the Mrs. Ohio America Pageant, held in the spring in downtown Columbus.

Emily Starks, the Ohio director for the Mrs. America Pageant system, said the journey is a very exciting time.

“Essentially, we are a part of the Mrs. America system. It’s the largest pageant for married women across the United States, and the winner of the winner of Mrs. America goes on to compete for Mrs. World, which is kind of exciting, she competed this past fall in China, and the next one will be in Bulgaria,” she said.

Starks said she looking for the community and county title to come to the state pageant in June, and represent their city or community to compete for the title of Mrs. Ohio. The winner of that competition will go on in August to compete for the title of Mrs. America.

“Fifty percent of their score is the interview. We are looking or the ‘normal’ woman, the one that is either working, or the ‘stay-at-home mom,’ balancing all of the different roles, but is comfortable with where she is at this stage in her life’s journey,” she said.

According to Starks, the swimsuit accounts for 25 percent of the scoring. She said the swimsuit is a conservative, one-piece black suit.

“The last 25 percent of her score is the evening gown. I tell the ladies that whenever you get into a dress that makes you feel beautiful, and you feel like yourself, then you know that you have the right dress,” she said.

City and county titleholders will compete to win over $15,000 in prizes — one of which includes an all expenses paid trip to the prestigious Mrs. America Pageant.

Interested applicants must live or work in the Scioto County area, must be married during the time of competition, a resident of the state for at least six months, a U.S. citizen and be at least 18 years old. There is no age limit or performing talent.

In its 38th year, the Mrs. America Pageant is the only nationally televised pageant dedicated to recognizing the one person who contributes so much to modern family life. America’s married woman. While beauty is a key element in the competition, Mrs. Ohio America contestants are also urged to voice their opinions on marriage and important issues of the day.

“It is a fun weekend, they meet some of the most incredible women. My current Mrs. Ohio made top 15 at the national pageant. She is an advocate for children with cancer, and she is a mom of five, and just a wonderful, busy lady,” she said.

Interested applicants are invited to find out more about the competition at www.mrsohamerica.com and or can request and receive free entry information by contacting Emily at the Mrs. Ohio America office at 303- 593-1199.

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