Chocolate Walk draws a crowd

By Portia Williams

February 1, 2014

By Portia Williams


Outdoors temperatures warmed up just in time for 30 local businesses to open their doors for Main Street Portsmouth’s Ellen Vetter Chocolate Walk event held in downtown Portsmouth Saturday.

The ultimate chocolate experience was made available the 300 people that purchased tickets for this year’s Chocolate Walk event. Local businesses in downtown Portsmouth and in the Historic Boneyfiddle area had an influx of eager chocolate-seekers on Saturday.

Sharon Bender, owner of Ghosts in the Attic Antique Mall in the Boneyfiddle area, said the Chocolate Walk attracted a lot of people into her store.

“The Chocolate Walk is a way to get people into our business, people that maybe don’t usually shop, or have not been here before. It gives them an opportunity to go into all of the stores and see what they have to offer, and hopefully they will like what they see, and bring some of their friends back with them later,” Bender said.

Bender said she enjoys the Chocolate Walk event, and believes it is great for the community.

“It’s a good thing for the community, and I think it brings people together, and we love it. We have a special display upstairs on the third floor, and we also have chocolate on the first floor, so that people can get their fix in two places at once. We have participated each year, and we plan on being a part of it next year,” Bender said.

Mike Finn, a pharmacist at Staker’s Pharmacy, said the weather was complimentary for the Chocolate Walk event.

“I think it is great. We have a nice day for it. It seems to be a lot of participation, and it’s good to get people out and around downtown and into some of our local businesses,” Finn said.

As local business doors opened and closed throughout the day, much of the foot traffic generated from the Chocolate Walk, it is apparent that Main Street Portsmouth’s largest event was another great success.

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